August 2012 Horoscopes by Madam Lichtenstein

Tue, Jul 31, 2012

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August heats up to a rapid boil as retrograde Pluto squares retrograde Uranus. Change comes at the most surprising times and from the most surprising places. Hang ten and surf the tumult. Is it true that surfers rule? You better believe it!

Famous Virgos: Buddy Hacket, Sean Connery, Anne Archer, Otis Redding, Charlie Sheen, Gloria Estefan, Lauren Bacall, Twiggy, Jeremy Irons

ARIES   (MARCH 21 – APRIL 20)Your life goes into overdrive as the people you meet unexpectedly push you into the center stage. Are you ready for your close-up or trying to bide your time in the background to plan your big move? There is no chance of hiding, Aries. You are not only front and center but showcased. So do what you will and see how the chips fall. Hopefully into place.

TAURUS   (APRIL 21 – MAY 21)Don’t even think of trying to hide any great secrets from the world, Taurus. There is no chance of a quiet introspection now. Everything you fear and try to hide could be splashed into the center of the zeitgeist and digested with today’s news cycle. So show confidence, swim with the sharks, play with the biggies and pretend to be fearless and open. It is your only chance.

GEMINI   (MAY 22 – JUNE 21)Friends create complications for you especially as they seem to maneuver into the middle of one of your great love affairs. Chalk it up to the planets this month and try to keep platonic and passionate relationships completely separate, if possible. If that is impossible, at least try to maintain a good sense of humor and let things roll off your back. Keep trying, Gemini….

CANCER   (JUNE 22 – JULY 23) Your best social maneuvering could swerve off course if you don’t pay close attention to the details, Cancer. Even then, there are some surprising developments that can change relationship dynamics. Partnerships could be in for a transformation or an upheaval. When in doubt, slowly back away and see if you can hide in your shell until things calm down.

LEO   (JULY 24 – AUGUST 23)While you might think that August is a grand time to get away from it all, it may not actually work out as you planned. Leos are in for an unusual series of surprises while away from home. Maybe the answer to your need for escape is to find relaxation closer to your base. How about cooling your heels poolside or with a crowd of pals at the local watering hole?

VIRGO   (AUGUST 24 – SEPTEMBER 23)Romantic Virgos certainly have the oomph but may miss the intended target of their ardor this month. And the reactions from would-be lovers is priceless … at least to them! You have so much love to give. Be sure that your feelings are recognized, reciprocated and treasured. Wearing your heart on your sleeve just increases your dry cleaning costs.

LIBRA   (SEPTEMBER 24 – OCTOBER 23)Certain relationships are undergoing a transformation and these changes can upend your home life. Whether that means you will be moving in, moving out or moving around is up to you. But as circumstances change you will be required to make a decision.  Libras prefer the diplomatic route. Go with the flow if possible but be prepared to paddle and steer.

SCORPIO   (OCTOBER 24 – NOVEMBER 22)Busy work and nit picky related tasks are piling up and can eventually bury you if you don’t get it under control early in the month. Scorpios are often good at barking orders but no one hears you now. Handle it all as best as you can and feel confident that no one can do it as well as you. Yes, keep telling yourself that as you clear away papers on yet another weekend.

SAGITTARIUS   (NOVEMBER 23 – DECEMBER 22)Fun has a way of getting totally out of hand. Maybe that is a good thing but for those who want to know ahead of time how much to stock the bar, I suggest some realistic planning and budgeting for any festive event. Sagittarians can also feed their inner artist with creative projects and inspirational company. Nude body painting anyone….?

CAPRICORN   (DECEMBER 23 – JANUARY 20)Capricorns know how to get ahead. And this month you have a surprising helping hand. You have a relative who is prepared to introduce you to some very important people. Be open to the possibilities and keep the familial lines of communication active. How about a couple of backyard get-togethers to pave the way? You could even have it on the front lawn.

AQUARIUS   (JANUARY 21 – FEBRUARY 19)You might blurt out a closely guarded secret by mistake this August. So watch what you say, how you say it and when you say it, Aquarius. Your words can pack a punch anyway you slice it. If you are interested in making a strong impression, you definitely will. Channel this energy into something charitable and worthy of your efforts to appease the fates.

PISCES   (FEBRUARY 20 – MARCH 20)Anything that you plan to do with friends, no matter how simple, can wind up costing you much more than you anticipate. While it is hard for Pisces to stick within a strict budget, at least keep a close eye on your bottom line now. This is also not a great time to invest. How your cash close and wait until the fall before you move it around. Let others treat you.

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