Choosing a Skilled Nursing Facility, by Kevin Phul

Sun, Aug 12, 2012

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It’s often hard to recover from a surgery, an accident, or a stroke without proper physical therapy and rehabilitation. This is why people opt for fully functional nursing facilities equipped with the staff and technology to provide an environment conducive to recovery. However, it’s important to choose a nursing home wisely and after a lot of deliberation. The home must have what it takes to ensure holistic healing.

To choose the right center, you will first have to do some online research on the particular injury or illness. For instance, several institutions provide great service for patients who have experienced specific problems such as, strokes or Alzheimer’s. You can make your list by reading reviews and researching on every place. Apart from this, you must also pay a visit to the shortlisted skilled nursing facilities Cincinnati and take a comprehensive tour.

Here are a few things that you must look for when you visit a center.

Staff – You must find out if there is enough staff available twenty-four hours a day to handle health and emotional problems that may arise. The facility must have occupational, speech and physical therapists on board to work with the patient on a consistent schedule.

The dining area – It’s important to check the dining area and the kind of food available to the residents. For the aged, eating is the main part of life and also a past time, so this aspect becomes even more important!

Extra-curricular activities - Having other planned activities like games, movies, crafts, parties and outings help the patients to not only socialize, but keep themselves occupied.

Talking to the residents – it’s important to figure out what the general vibe of the nursing home is. Talk to the residents and try to understand their emotional state. There is nothing more depressing than living with people who are sad and lonely.

No matter what facility you choose, you should feel comfortable, safe, and happy there. One state-of-the-art, skilled nursing facility that offers such comfort is Adams County Manor. The nursing home specializes in wound care and rehabilitation and offers 32 semi-private rooms and 10 private resident rooms for its clients to choose from.  For more information about the staff and location, visit http://www.acmanor.com/.

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