Daily Baby Boomer News Update: June 15, 2012

Fri, Jun 15, 2012


  • Durham baby boomers ready to ride 'silver tsunami'
    Who knew? Canadian census figures from 2011 reveal that Durham Region is home to the highest percentage of baby boomers in the GTA, and sits above provincial and national averages, with 29.3 per cent of residents falling into the 45 to 64 years age group.
  • Male Boomers Plan to Work in Rather Than Plan for Retirement
    Male baby boomers are looking to employment for income during their retirement years, rather than planning ahead, according to survey by Insured Retirement Institute.
  • New Retirement Income Options May Allow More Baby Boomers to Retire
    Who can blame Baby Boomers for delaying retirement?  With the increase in the number of employers that have reduced or discontinued contributions to defined benefit plans, employees are having to carry the burden of saving for retirement more and more.  Worse yet, this has occurred during a time of low interest rates and extreme market volatility.  At one time, these employees that are looking …

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