Daily Baby Boomer News Update: March 8, 2012

Thu, Mar 8, 2012


  • Jobless rate slides as workforce shrinks from exiting boomers
    The size of the U.S. work force is shrinking as aging baby boomers hit retirement age amid a sluggish economy. This — not the so-called missing workers from the labor force — may be knocking down the unemployment rate faster than expected.
  • Baby Boomers Step Up as Health Care Volunteers
    As the health care system braces for a wave of baby boomers, many are already helping others, serving as patient advocates and providing clinics with management help.
  • Baby boomers will be selling their homes, but will their children want to buy them?
    As home-owning baby boomers age, they’ll eventually be leaving their homes. But it’s unclear whether the next generation will be eager or willing to buy them, according to a new paper from the Bipartisan Policy Institute. As John Pitkin and Dowell Myers wrote in 2008,“The sell-off of seniors’ former housing creates a potential supply that will potentially exceed younger adults’ effective demand …

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