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New user? Come say hi and introduce yourself to the community!


Discuss anything pertaining to a specific year of the babyboomer generation



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The people who brought you into this world. Share your inspirational stories and challenges with your parents as they continue to have a great influence in your life


From teens to twenty-somethings to adults themselves, how are your children impacting your lives?


All of the fun of having kids without a fraction of the trouble!



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Share your concerns, suggestions, thoughts on macro or local economic issues


Have a hot tip? Concerned over your portfolio? Let others hear about it and gain valuable feedback


The day everyone dreams of! Share your plans for retirement or ask questions from others who are already retired



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Fishing? Computers? Volunteering? Find others who share a similar passion!


Great places to visit…Areas to absolutely avoid…Tips for saving a buck…


It's never too late to get a degree…or 2 or 3! Maybe you share a concern over your kid's schooling? Discuss it here


Looking for advice? Want to change careers altogether? Hear what others have to say…


Is it still a buyers market? Has your property value held up? How exactly should you handle negotiations? And what about those hidden fees?


What is the glue that holds you together? Is every day like the first day you met? What about those who aren't so lucky? Get it all out so that others can take it in…



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(Food, Exercise)


(Insurance, COBRA, Alternative Options)


Never an easy decision but sometimes the most practical. Share your frustrations and positive outlook surrounding your experiences


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