It Is About Time – Why the Supreme Court Decision is Good for You, by Eva Mor,PhD. Author of Making the Golden Years Golden

Tue, Jul 17, 2012

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Health coverage should not be a partisan issue. Despite the spin on the political shows, it makes no difference if you are Democrat or Republican, young or old, you should never be deprived of medical care or base medical decisions on financial abilities to pay for that care. The whole issue of health care coverage should not be tied to Social Security or Medicare — unless Medicare is provided for everyone.

I am one of the baby boomers who is looking forward to many more years in blissful retirement with the protection of Medicare and Social Security, but I can see that continued stress will be casting a shadow over the coming years as to what cuts will be imposed on those programs.

The facts are clear and supported by economists and health specialists: both programs are strong and well administrated, with a relatively low cost of running them. Social Security is sound, and in spite for politically motivated cries suggesting otherwise, will be around for many years to come. Social Security provides the majority of monthly income to roughly 73% of recipients. Medicare is a different story; it is a wonderful program that is literally a life saver, allowing millions of older Americans to have access to medical coverage. The 20 percent of costs that remain the senior’s responsibility (80 percent of the cost are covered by Medicare) are sometime a hardship. People who cannot afford supplementary insurance to cover their co-pay often don’t seek important medical care based on financial deterrents.

So what does the decision of the Supreme Court that was handed down recently mean to you and me?

First, and most importantly, all Americans at some point- hopefully sooner rather than later – will have health insurance coverage.

Some of the laws of the Obama Health Law are already in place, and are working satisfactory, or they are up for initiation in 2014. And here is why it is important to you personally:

* Taking the political posturing out of the equation, Americans will be able to keep their children until they are 26 years old on their policy if the children do not have health coverage through their school or place of work.

* Americans under the plan will not be refused coverage by insurance companies due to gap in insurance coverage or due to preexisting conditions.

* There will be no ceiling imposed by insurance companies on cost for treatment.

* The law requires insurance companies limit the cost of administration to 20 percent — wrangling a cash cow where a great deal of profit that drives up costs is usually buried — leaving 80 percent to be spent to medical services and reduction of premiums, which will benefit the insured either way.

* The health coverage will, by law, provide preventive medical coverage, which will prevent some illness, reduce acuteness of some illnesses and in general reduce cost of medical treatment. In a nutshell, that means catching certain illnesses early, saving lives and saving dollars.

The bottom line is that we deserve coverage for all Americans, young and old. It is not only the right thing to do but it is also economically sound. And it is about time.

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