Plan to Win! Paul Roarke,Jr.,Retired Marine

Mon, Feb 20, 2012

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The other day I was at the gym here on base (imagine that) and I noticed an overweight older man struggling with the cable rowing machine. Now normally I don’t bother anyone at the gym, but this poor guy’s form was so bad I thought that he might seriously hurt himself.  So I went over to give him some help (disguised as small talk). After he caught his breath we struck up a nice conversation. He was new to the gym, having recently had a health scare and his doctor told to him he’d better “take charge” of his health before it got worse, so here he was. Loafers, black sox’s,  Bermuda shorts and all. Hey I give him a lot of credit, he was trying. So I asked him what his plan was. “Lose weight and get in shape” was his simple answer. “Well, I replied, How much weight do you want to lose, by when and what do you mean by, get in shape? Better yet what diet and workout routine are you going to follow?” To those questions he had no real answer. His somewhat confused response is very common, and one of the biggest reasons people fail to lose the weight they want and improve their health and fitness.
No plan = No success.
These things don’t just happen, you have to have a solid plan to follow and with that, long and short term goals to monitor your progress. In my book Corps Strength I devote an entire chapter to planning. Trust me on this, Its important, and will take some thought to make it work. The famous Alabama football coach Bear Bryant once said: “I beat people with better teams than me all the time. Mostly because I plan better than they do.”  So take some advice from the “Bear”, and before you lace up your running shoes, take the time to outline an effective plan to reach your fitness goals. A little planning will go a long way. Be safe and good luck
Semper Fi

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  1. Well written Paul. Life in general is a failure in the absence of planning for the future.The majority of people who find life difficult is because they live planless lives. Deciding to invest is a plan to increase one`s monetary self worth.Graduating from university is the result of planning to educate oneself. A building plan precedes a finished building.The list is endless.

  2. Definitely, a plan is a must to get anything accomplished. however, I’ve found that most people never reach their goals because, at a very deep level, they believe they either don’t deserve it or that they can’t accomplish the task. There are many reasons for this, but the solution is simple… change your beliefs! It’s about time to take control of your life… PEACE!

  3. M Gierut says:

    aww… that was kind of you to offer your help in the first place,Paul. Hope he took your good advice to heart, getting in the proper gear for those workouts is more important than he thought or gave thought to, poor soul hehe. Hopefully you told him his feet wouldn’t hurt so much afterward with workout shoes. Ha, sorry…just picturing it makes me smile. But, yup, ya gotta hand it to him, poor guy probably went straight to the gym from the doctors office.
    Semper Fi, Marine

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