September 2012 Horoscopes, by Madam Lichtenstein

Wed, Aug 29, 2012

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If you thought this summer was hot and sticky, just wait until September. Chatty Mercury traverses three signs – Leo, Virgo and Libra – and therefore aspects several planets through its month long travel. What we say, counts. But potty mouths get hit on the knuckles and any strong opinions will be judged by those in charge. How mouthy do you want to be?

Famous Libras: Michael Douglas, Cheryl Tiegs, Bryant Gumbel, Robert Duval, Barbara Walters, Chubby Checker. Sigouney Weaver, John Mellencamp, Jeff Goldblum

ARIES   (MARCH 21 – APRIL 20)Your public reputation can go up and down and all around like a roller coaster. What you expect to happen may not happen exactly to plan. So don’t bank on any specific event to help you gain control of a situation. Shake-ups may feel uncomfortable but they often help to focus you and produce good results ….eventually. Be diplomatic and prepared for anything and everything, Aries.

TAURUS   (APRIL 21 – MAY 21)While you may hanker to get out of town and travel, travel may prove to be too difficult or problematic and there may be lovely temptations closer to home. Go with the cosmic flow this September, Taurus. Wax poetic and let the world come to you. For all you know, there is some exotic tall drink waiting for you at the corner bar. Either that or some domestic brew… haha.

GEMINI   (MAY 22 – JUNE 21)Sexual intrigue may prove to be a little too intriguing this September. You may get caught with your pants down in some inappropriate time. And trying to explain yourself  to too many amours at one time or with an important relationship could be impossible. Geminis with an itch to be scratched should first see if the itch is an urge or rash. Maybe a topical cream will help…?

CANCER   (JUNE 22 – JULY 23) Relationships will have their ups and downs so expect many surprises and changes. If there are some important issues that need to be addressed, try to postpone any serious conversations until well into the fall. For those Cancers who are in the market for a catch, you may find yourself attracted to someone totally unexpected. Variety is the spice of life!

LEO   (JULY 24 – AUGUST 23)While it may not sound very exciting, your day to day job or “to do”s will definitely become more exciting. If you thought that you could glide through the day on your good looks alone, think again. Not only do projects come fast and furious, they will have their challenges and changes. Nothing is as easy as it seems. Uh, maybe its time to take a vacation, Leo?

VIRGO   (AUGUST 24 – SEPTEMBER 23)Creativity is highlighted. Anything can happen when you are inspired but try to rein in your vision so you can complete what you start. Virgos will be on the top of everybody’s party list now. Your social life can become a whirlwind of opportunity. That sounds great… until you have to choose between two very desirable invitations. Such problems!

LIBRA   (SEPTEMBER 24 – OCTOBER 23)If you are planning to do a range of home improvements this September, be prepared to do more than you anticipated. There will be a few things that you never knew you needed to do until now and things that all of a sudden need to be done because of some other action you took. Surprise! But don’t panic. Family is there to help. Uh or are they??

SCORPIO   (OCTOBER 24 – NOVEMBER 22)Do you have a strong opinion? Try to keep it to yourself for now. You may blurt out something that you later regret. Scorpios are usually very politic and careful about what they say but now you speak first and think later. Use the time to hob nob with the neighbors and get into mischief close to home. There is plenty of time to heat up the air later this fall.

SAGITTARIUS   (NOVEMBER 23 – DECEMBER 22)Money comes and money goes. But now you can expect your money to go, go, go. Do your research and avoid any rash financial decisions. Wait before you go out and splurge on something (or someone) totally unnecessary. Sagittarians are generous and lucky. Be generous later and lucky that you don’t lose your shirt now. Of course going shirtless might save you on drycleaning….

CAPRICORN   (DECEMBER 23 – JANUARY 20)You are in the epicenter of all the action. Can you fully capitalize on this opportunity or will you find ways to undermine your influence? Stay calm, cool and collected. The secret to success is to take everything in stride and not be stressed by any unexpected turn of events… of which there will be a few. You are a nimble mountain goat, Capricorn. Balance and win.

AQUARIUS   (JANUARY 21 – FEBRUARY 19)Aquarians seem to have a sixth sense this September which is great as long as your ESP is accurate. There may be instances where you believe one thing to be true only to find out that the reality is slightly different. Maintain your wonderful sense of humor and use your “gift” for entertainment purposes only… at least for the next four weeks.

PISCES   (FEBRUARY 20 – MARCH 20)You are a particularly magnetic personality this September, Pisces. Friends want to get in on your act. Are you interested in travelling with an entourage everywhere you go? Maybe or maybe not. Know when to include the crowd in your plans and when to go your own way. Some activities require you to go solo .. or with only one other special escort.

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