Traffic Jam in my Hometown, written by Baby Boomer Contributor, Peg Serkies

Mon, Jul 30, 2012

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In my wildest dreams, I never thought we’d be retiring to Florida.  I thought Arizona but the husband wasn’t buying it. Fast forward, it’s been 8 glorious years since we decided to make The Villages, FL our forever home.  And what a lifestyle we both enjoy day in and day out.  Home to 88,000 residents (and growing) the community boasts plentiful opportunity for seniors including over 1900 organized clubs and activities.

The Villages is a golfer’s paradise with 11 championship courses and 30 executive courses.  Sports enthusiasts are major contributors to the lifestyle of villagers.  We even have our own Polo Club (yes we do, but villagers are only spectators at this particular sporting event.)  Live (free) entertainment on two unique town squares affords villagers and their guests a plethora of dance venues 365 days a year. A third town square (Brownwood) is currently under construction, scheduled to open in Fall 2012.

With over 100 dining choices in The Villages, who needs a kitchen?!

Just about everyone drives a golf cart in The Villages. We had a golf cart before we even had furniture. Go figure!!  Priorities are priorities. As a matter of fact, even if you’re legally blind, you can still drive a golf cart.  It has truly become a formal mode of transportation for most villagers. Many villagers trade in their second vehicle for a golf cart when they move to The Villages as so many venues including restaurants, medical offices and shopping are all golf cart accessible.  Check out Guinness Book of World Records to read about the longest golf cart parade.  You guessed it; it was right here in The Villages.

The Villages Lifelong Learning College offers personal enrichment classes year round featuring art, aquatics, computers, crafts, culinary, dance, health and wellness, psychology and many more exciting courses to anyone interested in registering.

The baby boomers have already started to invade The Villages. Come on down (while there’s still room) and see what everyone’s talking about.  There’s something for everyone in Florida’s Friendliest Hometown!!

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