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Mon, Aug 13, 2012

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Hopefully reaching the age of seniority will allow you to spend more time enjoying some of the more relaxing aspects of life, one of which is traveling. If you are of a senior age there are some useful tips to bear in mind when embarking on your next trip. 

Travel to safe places – The political situation in various countries around the world has changed over the last couple of years. Places that were considered completely safe may now acquire a travel warning such as certain North African countries. To keep out of harms way, The US State Department maintains a handy site in which you can check and keep informed of areas that are unsafe to travel to. Before embarking on an overseas holiday take the time to research the situation in the destination country as well as stay on top of current global news.  

Reduce the risks of DVT – Stands for Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) it is possibly a life threatening disorder if left untreated. Although anyone can potentially get DVT during long flights, it is understood that the older the person is, the more DVT becomes a real concern. Studies suggest that those over the age of 40 years are at a higher risk.  The disorder can cause blood clots, which is why means to reduce its potential are actively promoted by the medical community as well as by the airlines. Certain on flight activities can greatly reduce the chances of DVT. These include:

  •         Walking around the flight cabin every 30min to 60min (when permitted)
  •         Stretching while seated provided there is sufficient room
  •         Keep sleeping periods to below 30min to 45min
  •         Avoid alcohol during the flight and replace with plenty of water
  •         Engage in simple exercises such as shoulder rolls, foot lifts and forward bend

Beware of medication in your hand luggage – Airport and security regulators have restricted the amounts of various liquids and drugs permitted on your person when traveling by air, for reasons we are all aware of. If you carry more than the permitted amount, you may risk having your medication taken away and discarded. Transportation Security Administration (part of Department of Homeland Security) offers a useful online resource that explains the latest restrictions. You are never ‘restricted’ as such from taking as much of your medication as you need. Often the solution is to distribute your medication between your hand luggage and your normal luggage.

Keep a copy of your prescriptions – As we mature, our dependency on modern medication as a means to retain a high quality of life grows. Depending on the duration of your holiday, you may be required to renew your supply or your medication can be misplaced. In such a case you will find it handy to have a copy of your prescription. You may also consider retaining a further copy with a friend or family member that you can contact if the situation requires.

Obtain travel insurance – Travel insurance is essential at any age regardless of the travel duration, however as a senior traveler your likelihood to require medical attention grows statistically speaking so travel insurance becomes even more imperative. When sorting your travel insurance, ensure that:

  •         Your insurer is aware of your most up to date medical condition(s) to keep the policy valid
  •         That any vaccinations have been taken and noted (when traveling to exotic countries)
  •         That the insurer’s contact numbers (when phoning domestically and from overseas) are in your possession

It is never a waste of time to brush up on recent travel tips prior to your journey. These tips will help ensure you have the best time possible and your focus is completely on having a good time.

Travel tips by Affair Travel Ltd. An overseas company that offers holiday villas in parts of Europe from villa rentals in Portugal to villas in France. Affair Travel is ABTL and ATOL protected (the highest UK government travel guarantee schemes).


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