What age are baby boomers?

Tue, Jun 8, 2010


Every day, our staff receives questions from concerned baby boomers wondering, “How old are baby boomers?” or “What is the baby boomer age range?”.  One fellow even requested our blessing to make Eddie Vedder an honorary baby boomer.   For you older boomers who might not know who Eddie Vedder is, he is the very popular lead singer of the very popular rock band, Pearl Jam.  And for the record, Eddie Vedder is most certainly a baby boomer, albeit a very young one. (He was born December 23, 1964)

So, we would like to officially answer all of you who wonder what age you must be to officially be a baby boomer.  If you were born between 1946 and 1964, then you are officially in the baby boomer age group.  To be clear, if you were born in the year 1946 or 1964, or any year in between, then you are a baby boomer.  Therefore, during the year 2010, all baby boomers will be turning 46 to 64 years old!  God bless us.

And for the record, we here at babyboomers.com like to think of baby boomers as a frame of mind, and less of just a birth year : )
For you visual folks, if you were born during any of the years below, than you’re a boomer!

37 Responses to “What age are baby boomers?”

  1. curlingdoc says:

    We are a wonderful generation spanning 1946-1964 including grandparents to nex empty nesters. We make up about 1/3 of the population and make up about 76% of the economy. I love my generation and would love to devote a show devoted to us and our concerns. Please access my video and consider voting for me. Thank you. Dr, Elaine Campbellhttp://myown.oprah.com/audition/index.html?request=video_details&response_id=3881&promo_id=1

  2. Donna says:

    I highly disagree with the 1946-1964 time period to identify baby boomers. There is no way in hello that I am at the same stage/age at age 47 that a person at age 64 is. I still have another 20 more years to work before retirement (yes, we have to work till age 67 now) than someone who is currently 1 year away from retirement. Secondly, I am still raising young children, something that I highly doubt a 64 year-old is doing. Yes, I do know that there some grand-parents raising their grandchildren; this is different from parents raising their own children. Thirdly, by the time my age group came around, the early baby boomers had already blown through and caused severe damage. I identify with the Generation X and want really nothing to do with the baby boomers AND their mentality. My SIL’s and BIL’s are baby boomers and trust me, our way of thinking is vastly different.

  3. BarryRobinson says:

    How could you be ashamed of being a baby boomer?

  4. cbrock says:

    baby boomers made it possible for you to choose if you are female. Choose your life with or without children, make a fair wage,still not completely fair cause generation x decided to look the other way. We protested war you guys sign up in droves and that is where our economy went

  5. James says:

    The baby boomers were going to change the world for the better. I remember the flower children, all the social changes for the better we discussed. But, when it came right down to it, we voted against the taxes to make the changes. Now of course, the boomers all want socialism, that they havent paid for. Everyone wants good, cheap healthcare, pensions etc. Well, guess what, you cant have what you didnt pay for. By the way, this generation who are voting against tax increases, who dont want to pay for state medicine etc. will all by crying in their beer in years to come for the same reasons. People are hypocrites.

  6. DT says:

    I was born mid-march 1965. I want to be a baby boomer too. Can I be considered a baby boomer?

  7. Blondie says:

    What’s all the fuss about, just live and be happy!!!!!Stop all the pettiness. (Boomers don’t want socialism, what an idiot)

  8. What about baby boomers life style? whoarethebabyboomers.net

  9. greg says:

    Baby Boomers Wow, Your site is absolutley right, great information,

  10. Susan says:

    I love being a baby boomer. Whoever said we all want socialism is dead wrong! You can’t generalize about that. It is just a very special time in the history of this great nation where Americans celebrated the war being over and rejoiced & “multiplied”! So here we are years later celebrating our boomer status .

  11. Carol says:

    I was always a baby boomer and I was born in 1945. We were given that name because at the end of the war and the men came home from the service, 9 months later all these babies were born, hence the baby boom. I don’t know who changed it to 1946, but 1945 was the date for baby boomers for decades.

  12. yes dt you can bea baby boomertoo causemy younger brother was bornin march

  13. ham says:

    love been a baby boomer living the life 1947 kid going

  14. mahmanzar says:

    i was borne in1942. am i a baby boomer

  15. Chris says:

    The reason Baby boomers are so detested by the rest of us is because you took everything you wanted without a care for the future or what it meant for us.
    And now you are whining because the state no longer pampers to your every whim.
    You boomers never grew up and left your parents and us kids to make up for your lazy selfish mantra of ‘Make love, Not war’ Really meaning, ‘Let us do what we like… you guys do all the hard work’.
    Baby boomers’
    Donna’s comments are very true and the upper date limit is more like 1960 than 1964.

  16. Victoria says:

    I, and others, born on August 14, 1945, VJ Day, are officially the FIRST baby boomers as the war officially ended on that date. I have always been a baby boomer and I’d like to know who decided to change it to 1946 to 1965? My daughter was born in 1965 and hardly the result of the end of World War II….. My generation fought in Vietnam Nam.

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  18. Marge says:

    Just want to say how sad I am for Donna, Chris, and James – NOT!!! Live with it, no matter how much you bitch, it’s not going to change. AND not all boomers are socialists, just remember that…………..

  19. Lee says:

    I was born and 1946 and proud to be a baby boomer. However, I have friends who was born late December 1945. They were only a couple days old at the beginning of 1946. How can they not be included in the baby boomers. I think you should consider ages instead of birth year.

  20. LE Vega says:

    Interesting, I also identify a lot with Generation X, although technically, I am a boomer. There are wonderful boomers, yet I did not feel that I fit in with boomers my age group, and being artistic, I felt an obligation to put my talents aside and pretend I was some sort of Yuppie that I was not, and as a result, I have experienced setbacks, well no more setbacks, I check an X next to the outside the box selection.

  21. Glenn says:

    Great to be a baby boomers! I”m proud!

  22. James says:

    I personally believe the baby boomers have been a greedy, gluttonous and evil generation!!! It’s funny that they don’t even know it. They need to all die off soon because the ones with power are in congress(republicans)driving America into the ground….seriously!!!

  23. wish bone ash says:


  24. mark says:

    james you are a fucking idiot.if it wasn’t for us baby boomers,you would not have the things that you spoiled brats have now.you are nothing but a bunch of whiners who stay indoors and play video games all day.i bet my last dollar that you voted for that socialist obama who is ruining this country now.i am a proud baby boomer and i maybe dead before you pull your head out of your ass and you and you kids will have to deal with all of obamas bull**** policies.so to hell with you and all those fools that voted for obama.your generation should be called the disaster generation and i hope you die infamy.

  25. Virgie says:

    Come on guys,no need to argue about baby boomers. I am very thankful that I experienced in this life as one of the baby boomer. Don’t stressed out about the politician,they are doing their best. The people vote for them that is why they are there. What I am stressing about is Generation x would not be able to care for the baby boomers like me because too many of us and not enough young ones. My plan is to make friends as many as I can and stay together and care for each other. If I win in the lottery ticket, I will build a nursing home and invite all my friends to live with me. That could be so much fun I think. Hopefully, my wish will come true.

  26. Stefan says:

    I also disagree with the 1946-1964 range. Babyboomers for me came from post war LARGE families. The range specified is calculated from total births which is ridiculous since of course it is exponential. I would be curious to see the range calculated by average kids per family..that is a post war effort!

    Born in 66 and with many older friends born in the late 50s early 60s, I know only of a few families with more than three kids. For me babyboomers were born before 1956. The the cultural difference is evident, and the demographics should be also by playing with numbers differently. Sometimes I wish I was born earlier (mostly to live the 70s as a teenager) and sometimes I do not wish it. There are good and bad people in both generations.

  27. Tracy says:

    I totally agree with Donna. I do not consider myself a baby boomer. I was born in 62 and even tho my father is a WWII veteran my parents had me far after my three siblings who were all born in the fifties. I relate to the GenXr’s in most everything. Thank goodness I wasn’t old enough to experience things like crazy feminism, etc. Boomers are retired for the most part. I haven’t married, bought a house or started a family yet . . all of which I plan on doing. Boomers started being born in 45. Those born in the forties and fifties were adults in the sixties % seventies . . I was still a kid.

  28. Linda says:

    I was born after WWII was over late August 1945……one of the first BB!

  29. adam says:

    Wow Mark, easy does it!! In all due respect you Boomers are supposed to be mature and setting a right example. You don’t need to swear and get on like a kid about it…prove yourself by your maturity. James is right that Obama will pull America out of the ground if anyone can!

  30. tom says:

    well, being a pianist who loves the great American songbook & jazz from the l.p. generation. -”by the end of the sixties the golden era of recording was over” & boomers legacy to me is: 10th rate musicians.

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  34. Richard Banner says:

    Born in 1964, I am considered a “Baby Boomer”…but have very little in common with most other “Boomers”…My music was ’80′s..my hero, Reagan…my jeans…designer and tight..and question authority?…why would you do that????

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