Will the obama health care reform be affordable for those who retire when they are 62

Thu, Feb 24, 2011

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I am interested to know if this will take the place of medicare for insurance for those babyboomers who want to retire at 62. Will health care be affordable if there is no more medicare.

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  1. www.yourbestboomerbiz.com says:

    This is a great question and something that should definitely be considered–such an important topic!

  2. Vicki Lee says:

    Hello! My name is Vicki, and I worked on the business side of healthcare for 25 years– mostly dealing with insurance, both commercial and Medicare. The Health Care Reform Act has a lot of provisions touching many areas (and a great many of them worry insurance plans and providers, as they will be footing a big piece of the bill).. but it does not do away with Medicare. It may affect the Medicare Advantage plans– in higher premiums (maybe) and less coverage. But under the law, if you want to be a Medicare Advantage plan– which is an option Medicare members do not have to sign up for– then you cannot offer less coverage than the Medicare program– you can offer more, but not less. If you choose to retire at 62– you are not medicare eligible– with or without health care reform. Enrolling in Medicare, or an Advantage Plan, is not an option until you are 65– even if you are drawing Social Security at 62. This is not new. So– if you retire, and no longer have health insurance through your employer (or other means), then you will be uninsured. The Health Care Reform law does address how people who are uninsured can obtain insurance. It identifies a number of mechanisms (some which are not yet in existence, but will be by 2014/2015) for people to obtain insurance,including credits if you qualify as low income, and also has a provision that you will have to do that or face an annual fine.
    I hope this helps..

  3. Vicki Lee says:

    I’m sorry.. one clarification. I meant to say that if you retire at 62 and do not have any continuing healthcare coverage from your employer or other source, then you will be uninsured until you reach the Medicare eligible age of 65. At that point, you can enroll in Medicare.
    I apologize if that point was confusing in my original comment.

  4. gary werner says:

    I am 61 and gave cobra with UHC for about 5 months more. I will need health care till medicare. I asked UHC if I can continue for another 11months with Cobra. They do not participate in this program. This is quite the dilemma for me. Any suggestions? other than compete in the open market?

  5. Sheila Soto says:

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  6. Marcela says:

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