Classic Bouquet Arrangements Your Other Half Will Appreciate
Classic Bouquet Arrangements Your Other Half Will Appreciate Staff

One of the best ways to say "I love you" is through a bouquet of flowers. Whether it's Valentine's Day, an anniversary, or just a Sunday to show your appreciation, the right arrangement can make all the difference.

Do you want to make your other half happy and surprise them with a romantic gesture? Then listen up! Here, we'll tell you about classic bouquet arrangements that your other half will love and enjoy.

Best flowers for your partner

While there are many types of beautiful flowers, the ones most commonly used to represent romance are red roses, for a very obvious display of love. However, more subtle expressions of affection call for tulips, carnations, orchids, and others. If you’re interested in giving the best flowers to gift for Valentine’s Day, take different flower meanings and scents into consideration as well.

It really depends on the occasion and how boldly you want to declare your feelings. Giving someone a bouquet of red roses is a very obvious "I love you" and even a sign of physical passion, whereas a bouquet of tulips is a sweeter, more innocent expression of love.

Flower scents can also play a role. The scent of vanilla orchids evoke the sweetest of feelings, a bit of innocence, and are perfect for a sweet date night. On the other hand, jasmine has an air of exotic sensuality, and lavender has a very relaxing, calming scent that says "I want to cuddle and fall asleep with you".

Hibiscus flowers are another symbol of love and affection, and for a fun fact, hibiscus flowers are commonly used as a natural hair dye to enhance your natural hair colour and prevent graying hairs.

Common bouquet arrangement styles

Vertical arrangement

A vertical flower arrangement is one of the most commonly used in bouquets, especially for formal affairs. For this, choose a variety of flowers with different colours and styles. It's the easiest arrangement to create, which means it's also a great way to test the waters with a shorter, simpler style.

Crescent arrangement

In this style, the flowers are arranged in a crescent shape, similar to the letter C, or a crescent moon. To achieve this style, the main flower petals are usually in the middle, while smaller petals and stems form the sides. This style is good for weddings, vow renewals and special occasions.

Cascade arrangement

Another popular arrangement for weddings, the cascade has a main arrangement of flower petals at the top, with vines and stems cascading downwards. It is typically made to be held in the hand, so often a conical base is used to hold the flowers, especially if you want the arrangement to be visually impressive.

Triangular arrangement

In this style, the flowers and stems are cut and trimmed to form the shape of a triangle. It can either be an actual triangle shape if you're looking from a top-down perspective, or it can be shaped in such a way that it looks like a small triangle from the side, where typically a single stem is placed at the bottom.

Bouquet sizes and styles

Instead of choosing a single flower that you want to use, select a bouquet in smaller sizes.

For everyday use, pick bouquets that are only in the 5-10cm height range. For more impressive and formal presentations, choose bouquets that are in the 20-30cm height range.

Cutting and prepping flowers for a bouquet can be a tedious process. However, most of the floral arrangement kits do come with the necessary tools and detailed instructions. This also means that there's no need to resort to scissors or pruning shears that you may have lying around.

You can't just throw flowers into a vase; to ensure the flowers last long enough to be enjoyed, it is best to avoid a huge vase or use a vase that is small enough to avoid the flower spilling out over the side.

When preparing the stems for bouquets, a small portion of the stem usually goes into a large vase to ensure that the roots can get plenty of oxygen. The largest portion of stems is cut up and put into smaller vases, or they are placed in small crystal or glass containers.


When it comes to flowers, nothing says love like a stunning bouquet. Be creative, and make your other half smile when they open their gift. And remember, Valentine's Day is just another day for the lovebirds, but partners can be sweet to each other all year round! Do away with the boomer-generation mentality of always giving roses as a symbol of love, and mix it up a bit with a wider variety of flowers bouquets based on symbolism and floral scents.

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