Integrated Virtual Healthcare Company Strives to Compete Using Nontraditional Model
Integrated Virtual Healthcare Company Strives to Compete Using Nontraditional Model Staff

The vision of Mark Hansen, Alanté’s CEO, is the difference maker

PHOENIX – June 14, 2021 – Alanté™, a recently launched integrated virtual healthcare solution, is seeking to compete in a crowded healthcare technology space. The company’s healthcare platform, developed to address the concerns and medical conditions of seniors and the similarly vulnerable, was born out of a larger senior care network that saw gaps in the healthcare system. Now the newly launched company, active in three Western states (Arizona, Oregon and Washington), is aiming to address larger systematic gaps in healthcare.  

“We invested resources into Alanté because we saw gaps while serving the demographics we care most about,” said Alanté CEO Mark Hansen. “The concept, born out of our company’s passion, is to address the limited transparency between the provider and patient in the existing healthcare system through technology—and then scale it to assist in larger operations outside of our own organization.”

Hansen and the executive team of Santé, large-scale skilled nursing rehabilitation centers with four locations in the Phoenix Metro area, made a significant investment to develop a technology that would allow for healthcare providers to virtually provide care to their patients. The dynamic process is managed by Alanté’s patient-specific healthcare coordinators who organize personal healthcare records and ancillary medical needs. The role also incorporates and maintains patients’ personal health records, giving healthcare providers full visibility into patients’ detailed medical history and other key elements to provide the best possible care. The end result is empowerment for the patient and a level of detail, care and coordination not usually found in the healthcare market.

The technology is used to elevate the level of care and trust from the patients’ and healthcare providers’ perspectives, mainly by employing the use of the aforementioned healthcare coordinator, a company employee available 24/7 to assist the patients in navigating the complex medical system.

The technology is scalable and can be implemented for individual healthcare providers’ offices as well as enterprise-level deployment for operations such as Santé.

“We understand the market and the competition, and we also recognize how that can help our own operations,” said Hansen. “We want to compete and challenge the entire senior care industry to provide unmatched, coordinated care.”

The technology offers a wide variety of virtual care for its patients, all coordinated by an assigned Alanté healthcare coordinator:

  • Personal Health Record
  • Telehealth/Telemedicine
  • Chronic Care Management
  • Remote Patient Monitoring
  • Palliative Care

About Alanté

Alanté is an integrated virtual healthcare solution built to enrich the patient/physician relationship and experience. Alanté officially launched in 2021 as part of established operations that are centered on the administration and operation of inpatient, home and community-based healthcare services, with an overall goal of improving continuity of care while focusing on the best outcomes for all.  To learn more, visit our website at

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