See Your Life Through a New Lense
See Your Life Through a New Lense
By Dr. Lisa Cowley Staff

We are living in challenging times. A global pandemic, climate change effects such as wide spread wildfires and flooding, and recently Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine. If these world events are not enough, our country is grappling with political tensions and economic inequality. Combine all this with problems you may be personally grappling with and it makes you want to crawl in bed, take a long siesta, and hope that when you rise all will be well.

Instead of the long siesta how about implementing these strategies:

  1. Change your perception- You can take two individuals, subject them to the same exact situation and they will perceive and subsequently act differently. The first individual may curse the driver who cut them off, whereas the second individual may not jump to name calling because she remembered the time her driving wasn’t the best because she had been in a hurry. Perceiving a challenging situation with compassion for yourself and the other person involved is a first step in changing your perception. Focusing on a positive mental attitude, developing support systems, and implementing daily wellness strategies will give your brain what it needs to make a change in perception.
  2. Limit screen time- Do you realize that the average American spends 7 hours and 11 minutes looking at a screen every day and we consume 5x more information every day than 50 years ago? The majority of information we read is on mobiles through social media channels. Decades ago, families gathered around the TV to watch Walter Cronkite deliver the nightly news but now with breaking news alerts popping up on your mobile device you never give your psyche time honored rest. Take a news fast.
  3. Take action- You only have so many hours a day and only so much time on this earth to make a difference. What are the issues that you care most about? If you aren’t sure how you make a difference, keep a journal, write all your thoughts and feelings down and see what comes up. Instead of spending time stuck in worry about world events and things in your personal life, focus on action steps. Make the world a better place and start at home.

When you feel challenged by situations it can motivate you to look differently by “waking you up.” Get out of your comfort zone, gain tools and take action. Our world and its inhabitants need you!

About the Author

Dr. Lisa Cowley, a holistic chiropractor and nutritional counselor of 25 years, along with her husband, Victor Westgate, a high school educator of 34 years, are authors of Pack Lightly: Making Sense of the Second Half of Your Life. You can learn more at:

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