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Tips For Nailing That Job Interview When You're Over 50 Staff

More Americans are choosing to work past the traditional retirement age and are changing jobs or even careers later in life.  With that, comes the job interview. Any job interview can be stressful but interviewing later in life may cause extra anxiety. Maybe you haven't had a job interview in years, decades even. Or you may be nervous that you don't have the technology skills that younger candidates have or that the employer will see your age as a liability.

If you're feeling a bit stressed about an upcoming interview, career coaches will tell you that you really shouldn't. A CBS News video features five tips, specifically for those over fifty, to help you have a successful interview.

1. View your age as an asset. You have experience and knowledge gained over time. That is invaluable and cannot be taught. Experienced workers tend to be more stable and reliable and can help mentor younger workers.

2. Don't stagnate in your job or career. Look outside the box for opportunities where you can grow professionally and personally.

3. Ace the interview by controlling the room instead of treating it as a simple question and answer session. Say what is essential for the employer to know about you, even if it's not specifically asked.

4. Put your emotions to the side. If you're upset or stressed about anything else in your life, leave it at the door and don't bring that into the interview with you.

5. Don't shut yourself off from criticism or questioning. What worked years ago might not work anymore, so it's important to be open to change.


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