Understanding The Basics: Is Vent Cleaning Worth It?
Understanding The Basics: Is Vent Cleaning Worth It?
Babyboomers.com Staff

Reasons Why You Need Vent Cleaning

Most homeowners do not realize that their duct systems attract dust and mold grows inside them and they need vent cleaning. These systems are neglected, and if not noticed, dust clogs the air ducts and accumulates on some parts, making it hard for the system to function.

Some of the machine's parts will break down due to overworking and overheating. Accumulated dust in the ductwork is also blown to the rest of the rooms, and this causes allergic and respiratory complications to the family members. To make life easier for your family and pets and improve your system's efficiency, ensure you carry out vent cleaning of the entire ductwork every three or five years.

Role Of The Air Duct In Your Home

All the air your family breaths passes through the HVAC system. The system draws air from the room and passes it through the heating or cooling section. The system then cleans the heated or cooled air in the filters before blowing it back into the rooms.

If the filters are dusty, this means that the air blown into the room will contain dust, which could cause respiratory complications to your family. You need to change the filters every year to ensure they are efficient in their work.

You should regularly check if your filters are clean by removing the plate and checking inside the ductwork. When you notice any dirt or dust, contact a cleaning dryer vent company. The company should clean all the parts of the system and not the ducts only. This reduces the chances of leaving any traces of dust behind or the ducts attracting dust from the system.

Dust In The Air Duct Gets Blown Into The Rooms

If there is dust in the HVAC system, it becomes loose when air is blown into the system. The air filled with dust goes to the filters for cleaning. Since the filters are also dusty, more dust gets into the air and is blown into the rooms.

Some people notice the smell of dust in the air, and you could also see dust particles. People with allergic reactions find it hard to stay in such homes. If a family member has asthma, they could get more attacks which endangers their lives.

Renovations In Homes Are Another Significant Cause Of Dust In Air Ducts

During renovations, a lot of dust is blown, and some of it settles into your ductwork. This dust accumulates over time, and it slowly starts getting into the air you breathe. After renovations, it is essential to contact a vent cleaning company to clean the system as well.

Although contractors say that they will keep the windows open during the renovation, this alone cannot prevent dust from not getting into the system.

But Cleaning My Air Duct Will Damage The System!

Air duct systems are sensitive and could easily get damaged if not handled with care. That is why it is not advisable to DIY on cleaning air ducts. You should contact a professional air vent cleaning company to do the work for you. They are trained to handle the ductworks with care, and they are also well experienced.

Ensure the company you hire is licensed and insured so that you are sure of getting compensated in case of any damages. You could pay a higher price if you do the cleaning yourself because you won't get compensated for any damages.

Be Careful Who You Hire To Clean

Some homeowners will look for the cheapest deals offered by cleaning dryer vent companies to save more. However, it is essential to know that most scammers use these enticing deals to lure people. Remember that in most cases the money you pay for duct cleaning is directly proportional to the services you get. However, the best thing to do is to evaluate the company well before deciding to work with it as paying more also doesn’t guarantee excellent services.

Get a guideline on how to get the right vent cleaning company and understand how the cleaning process goes before letting anyone in your home. Negotiate the price with the company before they start the service. Some of them will include unnecessary charges to hoke the fee.

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