10 Unique Golf Gift Ideas for the Golfer Who Has Everything

It's the middle of February, and Spring is upon us, which means golf weather is right around the corner. If you have ever shopped for a new set of irons or looked up weekend greens fees at a half-decent golf course, you already know that golf is an expensive hobby. People who can afford to golf regularly can also easily afford the basic golf necessities like golf balls or a new putter. While you can't go wrong with a gift certificate to a top-rated golf course or even golf lessons, we decided to dig up some great (and unique) gift ideas for the golfer who already has or can easily afford most golf-related items. Here are some awesome golf gift ideas the average golfer probably doesn't know existed:

  1. A golf swing analyzer can provide feedback on the golfer's swing and help improve their game.
  2. A golf training aid, such as a putting-mat or chipping net, to practice their skills at home.
  3. A golf bag organizer to keep their golf clubs neatly organized in their bag.
  4. A custom-made putter with personalized colors and specifications to fit the golfer's playing style.
  5. A GPS watch that can track their shots, keep score, and monitor their fitness. We love the Garmin Approach S42 for a reasonable $299.
  6. A golf-inspired piece of artwork for their home or office. You can even hire a designer on Fiverr to photoshop their last name onto the back of the caddie's shirt for an added touch.
  7. A golf cart speaker to play music or take phone calls while on the course. There are used golf cart for sale you can find online that comes in good deals.
  8. A "Wasted Wedge" for those who like to have a little extra fun on the course. We like the Birdie Maker Pro.
  9. A new golf bag with its name or initials embroidered, along with the best iron for your beginner or highly handicapped friend. The Left Rough has all these types of equipment for your friend with special needs.
  10. Personalized golf balls with the golfer's name or a special message. Titleist (usually) offers free personalization here.

Again, it’s hard to shop for people who already seem to have everything, but if you put enough thought into it, you might just find something unique enough to wow them. We hope this list helps!


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