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Established in 2014 and re-introduced in 2017, babyboomers.com is the resource for Baby Boomers who want to keep their mind open, their information current, their lifestyle healthy, and their life interesting.

"Welcome! As a Baby Boomer, you're part of one of the most accomplished and influential generations that has ever lived. Baby Boomers are still in the prime of life, at the center of almost everything. Our website celebrates this generation, this time of life and the impact Baby Boomers have on our world - as well as offering insights and information about how to make your own life fuller, richer, more successful, and more enjoyable."

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What interests Baby Boomers? Everything! - and especially health and fitness, relationships, money, business, technology, lifelong learning, style, food, habitat, travel, and giving back. Babyboomers.com is full of current information and easy to navigate. On the first and third Monday of each month, we'll send an email with your "First Look" at the top stories.Sign up to receive First Look.

Content Manager - Kellie Ellison

Kellie, a graduate of University of Delaware, Lerner College of Business, has a marketing and business background. She manages and coordinates the daily operations of babyboomers.com and its social media pages. "Creating a special place for baby boomers to find interesting information is exciting. Babyboomers.com has the potential to become a huge resource."