4 Interesting Activities to Do on Your Holiday in Hurghada

If you are looking for somewhere a little bit alternative to your typical sun, sea, and sand destinations, you might want to think about Hurghada in Egypt. This is a beautiful beach resort town along the Red Sea coast and somewhere that is famous for snorkelling and scuba diving, but there is more to it than just this. The airport is not too far from this idyllic town, but it is a good idea to pre-book airport transfers in advance to avoid any high prices on the day.

So, what are the most interesting activities to do on your holiday in Hurghada?

1. Red Sea Diving

It would be wrong to come to Hurghada without going sea diving and this will be an incredible and unforgettable experience. It is famous for scuba diving and snorkelling with many shops and schools found in the Sekella district. Beneath the surface, you will find another world with beautiful coral and a wide range of aquatic species to discover. The red sea is one of the most biodiverse locations to dive with more than 365 coral species. Whether you’re diving or snorkeling you’re bound to see something amazing. If you are diving, you need to make sure you get the right scuba gear before you go. The right gear makes the difference between a safe dive, and a troublesome one. If you’re diving somewhere beautiful like the red sea, you need to make sure you enjoy the experience by investing in the right scuba gear.

2. Tomb of Ramses VI

Obviously, history is a big part of what makes Egypt such an interesting holiday destination. The Tomb of Ramses VI is widely regarded as one of the most breathtaking tombs in the valley with incredible decoration and shafts of 117 meters. The decoration of the tomb has been well-preserved over the years, which means that it is a real sight to behold and a major attraction in the Hurghada region.

3. Grand Aquarium

You do not always have to go diving here to see the incredible beauty below the surface. The Grand Aquarium in Hurghada is a major attraction and one that is suitable for all ages with a huge amount of marine life from the Red Sea on show as well as a rainforest section, mini zoo, and fossil museum. In addition to showing the great beauty with all kinds of creatures on show, the Grand Aquarium also teaches the importance of conservation - something that all generations need to understand the importance of.

4. Jungle Aqua Park

As you might imagine, it can get very hot in Hurghada and the perfect way to beat the heat is the Jungle Aqua Park. Here, you and the kids will be able to enjoy 35 slides and swimming pools, including slides for all ages (and adrenaline levels) so there will be something for everyone.

These are 4 of the main highlights to enjoy on a holiday in Hurghada. This is a fantastic place to visit and somewhere different from the more common sun, sea and sand holidays, which means that it is sure to be a memorable trip particularly if you try all of the above.


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