5 Fun Side Hustles For Retirees

While for many, retirement is a time to relax after a long career, for others, it can be kind of boring!

An older co-worker once told me, “you can only do so much fishing.” And maybe he was right. He worked with me years ago at a retail store purely out of boredom.

But, other retirees may find that they need a bit of extra money to supplement their social security income. In 2021, you can earn $1,580 per month without impacting your social security payments.

That leaves many retirees looking for side-hustles or home-based businesses which can supplement their golden years, giving them more disposable income, and in many cases, something engaging and enjoyable to do.

If that sounds like you, then here are five fun side-hustles you might consider!


Thrifting has exploded in popularity, and if you’re retired – then you have the time to head early to snag the best stuff for re-sale! It’s easy to run a side business like this out of your home.

Plus, if you’re the type who likes to hunt for unique items or deals, it can also be pretty fun! All that's required is patience and knowledge of which items will flip for a good price on sites like Etsy, eBay, Mercari, or Poshmark.

So, what can you sell? Plenty of items will work, but you can hunt for mislabeled sterling silver items, quality vintage clothing brands, expensive cookware, collectibles, and tons and tons of other stuff people want to buy every day.


Love writing? If so, starting a website could give you a fun hobby that also provides passive income for you during your retirement years.

No matter what you’re passionate about, somebody is trying to learn about it online right now. Setting up a website has never been easier; or more affordable than it is now either.

That means retirees have a real opportunity to share their knowledge on hobbies, past careers, etc., and pass those skills on to younger generations.

But how do you make money blogging? You can do this by joining advertising programs like Google Adsense, which displays ads on your blog or join affiliate programs: like Amazon Associates.

Every time somebody clicks on an ad on your website, or if they purchase a product through a link you’ve provided – you earn money! This costs nothing to your visitors, and they are often very happy that someone experienced has made a quality recommendation for them.

Home Embroidery Business

If you’d prefer to sell a product, then a home-embroidery business might be for you! Investing in a t shirt embroidery machine has become more affordable in recent years and very profitable.

While knowing the ins and outs of a sewing machine helps, it’s not really necessary. Anyone can learn to use a modern embroidery machine in an afternoon and start selling their designs online.

Setting up shop on a site like Etsy will allow you to sell customized t-shirts, hats, baby blankets, onesies, and other products to people online that want special gifts or unique clothing items.

Or, if you’d prefer to go local, you can easily sell bulk shirt or hat orders to local sports teams, small businesses, clubs, or events that can’t justify the huge number of products they’d need to buy to get them from a large-scale manufacturer.

Embroidery is also a really fun hobby, and while you will be working, it’s also quite enjoyable if you have a passion for art, design, or just making fun stuff.

Tutor or Teacher

If you’d like a side-hustle that’s got a bit of a social aspect to it, then becoming a tutor could be a good choice for you. While many people take to the internet now to learn new things, you’re always a step ahead if you can get in-person tutoring to learn a skill!

No matter what it is you’re an expert at – somebody else wants to learn too! This could include art, photography, sewing, woodworking, business skills, cooking, music lessons, basic school subjects, and foreign languages.

Many people love tutoring as it’s very flexible and something that provides a great deal of value to another person while also earning you some side income.

While setting up a local tutoring business advertising on craigslist, Facebook or local shops is often a good way to go, don’t forget about online lessons!

There are plenty of ways to do video lessons and tutoring these days too. Learning how to use Skype or Zoom is easy, and if the market for your skillset is not the best where you live, you can expand your network and find students online on sites like Preply.

If this is your plan, starting a Youtube channel with basic information in your field could be a good way to find people interested in what you have to teach. You can then mention that you do private lessons for hire if they’d like to expand on what they’ve learned from you already.

Pet Sitting/Walking

Do you like animals more than people? If so, becoming a dog walker or pet sitter could be a great side-hustle to consider.

Advertise through online apps like Rover or post on Facebook to get the word out to friends and family.

Dog walking is also a great way to get some exercise if you feel like you maybe spend too much time on the sofa and want to get some fresh air and sunshine.

This is also a great side hustles for introverts, if you're wondering.

A pet care side-hustle lets you set your own schedule and choose whether the pets stay in your home or theirs!


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