6 Reasons Why You Should Get Home Insurance Today

For many homebuyers, one of the main reasons they acquire a home insurance policy is because lenders require it. This tends to make homebuyers think that a home insurance policy is something that you're forced to buy. However, in reality, a home insurance policy is something one would need for important reasons.

In essence, going without a home insurance policy is a huge gamble, not only for the safety of your home but for yourself and your family. With all that said, here are some reasons to get a home insurance policy today.

Satisfy Your Lender

You may think you need a home insurance policy before getting approved for a mortgage. However, some states don't require getting one before applying for a home loan. But why do lenders want you to get a home insurance policy in the first place?

In case you can't repay your mortgage, they would want to seize a house they can sell to get the money you can't pay. If, for some reason, you can't get a home insurance policy from a bank or a lender, the mortgage lender will supply an insurance policy called forced coverage. It still works like a home insurance policy but is significantly more expensive.

You Can Replace Your Possessions

If your possessions are destroyed, there is no need to worry. You can use your insurance to reimburse them. This usually includes furniture, appliances, clothing, electronics, etc.

For electronics, you can usually get separate electronics insurance, but if you don't want to bother, the home insurance policy can still cover them. Usually, you have two choices regarding your possessions getting reimbursed.

First, you can get the actual cash value of the property, and second, you can opt for replacement costs. But what's the difference between these two? In actual cash value, you can recoup the amount you expect if you sell the item but without the depreciation. In replacement cost, you would be recouped by the amount that item would be priced if you buy a new one.

Coverage for Personal Liability

Accidents happen anywhere at any time. Unfortunately, accidents can happen at home. What's even more unfortunate is when a guest or anyone not residing within the house is in an accident inside your home. That is one legal mess, and it can be very costly.

Luckily, most home insurance policies have personal liability coverage covering hospital bills costs if someone gets into an accident in your house.

Also, if that certain someone wants to sue you because of the accident, your personal liability coverage can cover your lawyer and court expenses, whether it was proven that you caused the accident or not.

Protection from Loss

If, for any reason, your house was rendered unlivable due to fire, tornado, storms, etc., your home insurance policy can cover the repair or replace your house. Your possession can also be replaced depending on the type of home insurance policy you bought.

That said, if you also have any detached properties like a dog house, garage, or shed, dwelling protection could also replace those. Of course, since we're talking about your house here, the insurance would also cover the plumbing, electrical wiring, HVAC system, internet connection, etc., whether a repair or a complete replacement.

Equity Protection

One of the most significant investments we can have in our lives is the equity in our house. It's a long-term investment, and it would be a shame if we lose our equity due to disasters, manmade or not.

That said, if you're forced to rebuild, repair, or renovate a part of your house or your house for some reason, your home insurance policy will ensure that you will retain all of the equity you built up for your home.

Protection Against Robbery and Theft

People think getting dogs will protect our houses from robbery and theft. However, they are not nearly enough. And seriously, though, putting your dogs in such danger can be very scary. But we digress; getting a home insurance policy will protect your house from robbery and theft, at least financially.

If your property gets stolen or taken from you at gunpoint, you can replace that item with your home insurance policy. However, before making a claim, ensure you have all the evidence that it was stolen or robbed from you first. You’d also choose to either have your stolen item reimbursed through actual cash value or replacement cost coverage.

As mentioned earlier, the actual cash value will reimburse the item with the price it would have if you sell them, and replacement cost coverage, where your item will be reimbursed with how much it would take to buy a new one in the market.

Final Words

A home insurance policy is a good decision to financially protect yourself and your home. If you want to be prepared for the future, you can get a home insurance policy to have peace of mind regarding your house, possessions, and the people living in it. You know what they say, better safe than sorry.


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