7 Things You Should Never Do After a Car Accident

Atlanta is the most populous city in Georgia, with 487,203 residents, according to the 2024 World Population Review. The city also ranks tenth economically in the nation, with a GDP of $276 billion. With the number of people in Atlanta, traffic seems to be a problem.

If you do happen to be involved in an accident in Atlanta, there are things you should not do at the scene of the accident, things that would make you the one responsible for the accident. Car accident victims are often in a state of shock, terror, or agitated. It is best to stay calm and know what to do.

Car accident lawyers in Atlanta frequently encounter cases such as these and strongly advise that you should not do the following after a car incident.

1. Forget Reporting to the Police

Reporting to the police is one of the most important things to keep in mind in an accident. They will assist, help, and, in severe accidents, keep you out of danger. Reporting the accident is also crucial for having official records of the incident. These records are essential for legal proceedings and insurance claims.

2. Leaving the Scene

Never ever leave the car accident scene without reporting to the authorities as well as gathering all information regarding the accident. Fleeing an accident scene would also result in legal consequences.

3. Taking the Blame

Never admit that the accident at hand is your fault. This is an admission of guilt and can be used against you if a trial proceeding ever follows. Even apologizing is considered admitting fault.

4. Not Recording the Accident

It is very important to document everything that happened in the accident. Writing notes and taking pictures or videos of the vehicles involved, road signs, as well as the surrounding area would be valuable for legal purposes and insurance claims.

5. Forgetting to Collect Information

If a car accident happens, be sure to collect all the names, contact information, and insurance details of all parties involved. There might be 2 or more parties involved, so make sure to get them all.

6. Do Not Forget to Seek Medical Attention

People in an accident tend to believe that they are fine if they don’t find any physical signs of an injury, like blood, bruises, or broken bones. But beware; many people who were involved in a car accident show symptoms a day or two after the accident. Seeking medical attention will help not only your health but your compensation claim as well.

7. Posting and Discussing the Accident on Social Media

We know that everybody wants to have their day-to-day activities posted on their social media accounts; even accidents tend to be the story of the day for everyone to see. Anything you post and say on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook would and could be used against you. Keep the details to yourself until the case is resolved. Remind family and friends as well to keep things private during case proceedings.

Final Thoughts

Remember, these are just seven of the things you must not do during and after a car accident. Things that will negatively impact the outcome of your personal injury case. Make sure to contact a personal injury lawyer, or better, have their number readily available on your phone or in your notebook in case of an untimely accident.

Atlanta car accident lawyers will guide you through the do’s and don'ts of a car accident. From legal advice to representation to compensation claims, everything will be covered. Just keep in mind the things not to do after a car accident.


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