8 Cocktail Party Planning Tips and Ideas

Other than food, entertainment, and snacks, one of the things you can do when there’s a gathering is to have cocktail parties. At social events, cocktail preparations are a way to encourage the guests to socialize, converse, and mingle with one another.

There must be professional party planners who probably have their RBS certification online or licenses already and are skilled enough to plan a private event. Any cocktail party hosts usually choose to plan out the event themselves. If they had attended RBS certification online, they also know how to design the menu, create guest lists, and decide on ideas for cocktail parties.

But why hire professionals if you can just do it yourself? Though you haven’t had your RBS certification online yet, you can host even small cocktail parties. So with that, this article will give you tips and ideas for preparing for cocktail parties. 

Refreshing and New Cocktail Party Tips to Consider

You probably agree that food and drinks are the stars of any events, shows and parties. The hosts usually serve the guests the finest cocktails, wines, beer, and snacks. It could be less formal than just a sit-down meal, but guests will more likely indulge in the cocktail bar. With that, here are some planning tips for finding inspiration for the next event.

1. Come up with a Cocktail Menu

You should craft cocktail menu with a list of all drinks that are available. The most important of all are the cocktails themselves. Don’t hesitate to mix up things and create a creative cocktail menu. Only include one usual cocktail for the guests who can be hesitant to stepping outside their comfort zone. 

2. Have an Impressive Cocktail

While all drinks on the cocktail events menu are delicious, having a signature cocktail will help you stand out against other cocktails. First, look for cocktails that would match the style or theme of the event. Then, choose the signature drink that will show off your craft ingredients that will look too good. 

3. Add Mocktail to the Menu

Non-alcoholic beverages on the menu is also great for the cocktail parties. While everyone at the event enjoys well-crafted alcoholic beverages, you should also consider those who don’t drink alcohol. With that, having non-alcoholic cocktails can also excite them and will never make them feel aloof. 

4. Serve Buffet of Finger Foods

You may also set a table for finger foods beside or near the cocktails. The table should feature miniature versions of foods, sandwiches, salad bites, skewers, sweets, and all other finger foods which the guests can eat on the move. Also, determine each dish with a small menu or sign cards and take note of any potential allergens that they contain.

5. Grazing Tables

Since most cocktail events and parties usually occur during or after-work hours, there may be some guests who may have skipped their dinners. So with that, offer them snacks you set up on the grazing table. It’s a big version of the usual charcuterie board.

So, if you are hosting a big event, don’t settle for just a plain cheese board. Instead, fill the table with lots of loaves of fresh fruits, baked bread, cheese, dips, vegetables, and other snacks. 

6. Maintain Hydration

To serve all the visitors, prepare some sparkling water that is fresh fruits infused with lemon, cucumber, lime, or berries. These fruits must be edible and added to about 1-2 gallons of beverage dispensers.

Serve them in biodegradable cups, ice, and welcoming signs, and advise the visitors to drink lots of water at the water station.

7. Employ a Professional Bartender

Hosts tend to be in charge of welcoming visitors, touring them around, making introductions, and maintaining the celebration. However, if it’s too much to have these tasks while serving food, especially tending the bar, you may employ professional bartenders to get the job done right.

Professional bartenders have skills and licenses or attended the RBS certification online to become educated about their role. That way, everything will run well in serving and making beverages. 

8. Make Use of Martini Mugs

When you choose glassware, always consider the drink menu for the event. First, you should decide which glasses are best for each drink. Then, serve them with Negronis, traditional old-fashioned, and even mint juleps in the rocks glass.

Champagne is also usually served in gin, flutes, and tonics in highball glasses, daiquiris, and martinis in the martini glasses. If you are also worried about the stains, choose some pale-colored drinks than having other alternatives for the stemmed glasses. 

Wrapping Up

It must be very challenging to find a checklist or just a template that meets your demands regarding events and gatherings. Now that you know some of the creative ideas and planning at your fingertips. You can be confident about every detail and task on your list to ensure your guests have a great time.


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