8 Ways to Surprise Someone on Their Birthday

If you’re one of those people who loves planning birthday surprises for the special people in your life but sometimes feels like you’re running out of fresh ideas, our eight ideas will come in very handy. But keep in mind, however, that even though the majority of people enjoy surprises, some don't. So, before you begin to plan any celebration, you first need to determine whether your guest of honor falls into the former or latter category. Additionally, not all gifts will be well-received by the recipient. You need to know their preferences—things they’ll enjoy or dread.

Here is the ultimate list of surprise ideas:

Send a surprise birthday delivery

To show someone just how special they are, arrange for a birthday delivery. Stuffed animals, sweet and salty treats, fruit bouquets, singing telegrams, balloons, and decorative flower arrangements can all be combined to create an amazing gift. If you have no idea where your special someone lives, PhoneHistory can help you find their address. With a surprise birthday delivery, you’ll be able to bring a smile to a celebrant’s face.

A birthday that lands on a non-workday is always fantastic, but we’re not always that lucky. So, for those birthdays that coincide with work for your guest of honor, the next best thing could be to create a festive mood at work for them. First, double-check that it would not be against office policy to make such a delivery–some offices may have restrictions on this. Bear in mind your friend’s privacy and how comfortable they would feel with their coworkers knowing about their birthday or the gift. Also, ensure that whatever you send is not too large or inappropriate for their office.

Publish birthday wishes online

Do you know what feels really great? The joy experienced by your special person when they receive their personalized birthday wishes on an online news site or blog that they follow, especially when they least expect it. It can be a fun birthday message or song that you prepared or a compilation of wishes and fun memories that includes some of their friends from all over. This is a great idea for a loved one who lives very far away. 

Arrange a surprise makeover birthday shoot

If your friend loves to have their photo taken, then a surprise makeover birthday shoot would be the perfect gift. Hire a hairstylist, a makeup artist, and a professional photographer if necessary. Doll the celebrant up. They’ll be pampered as their hair is styled and the best shades of makeup are applied to match their skin tone, helping them look their absolute best and feel confident for the photoshoot. They will be the center of attention as a professional photographer takes picture after picture of them to capture their most gorgeous looks. It’ll be a day to always remember. 

Explore uncharted territory

Everyone has that one place they always talk about. It's the kind of place that they keep wishing they could visit. Exploring new places is always fun, and it doesn’t necessarily have to break the bank. It could be as simple as trying out a local restaurant you’ve never been to before, or you could go all out and plan a luxurious getaway. If your friend is one who’s up for anything and absolutely loves traveling, then taking a long weekend away is a great idea, and it’ll no doubt be the best birthday present of the year. It’s totally up to you!

Visit if you’re a long-distance friend

Making time to visit and spending a few days together is perhaps one of the best birthday surprises if you’re long-distance friends. Your friend is going to be absolutely thrilled to see you and hang out with you, and anything else you do together will just be an extra special bonus.

Host a small luncheon or dinner party

Gathering 10 to 12 of your special person’s closest friends and family for fine dining is a wonderful way to celebrate their birthday. Select a fancy restaurant with a specialty menu. So when everyone gets to the restaurant, you’ll be taken to a really cool area just for you guys. They'll even give you a special menu with all these fancy foods and wines to choose from. It's going to be amazing! The chef will personally guide you through each course, sharing their preparation methods, suggesting the perfect wine pairings, and even telling some interesting anecdotes along the way. Let’s not forget how delightful it would be to share stories and memories while enjoying a meal together.

Plan a themed party

While planning a themed party can be challenging, it would turn out great if you could get everyone involved. Rent a party venue, choose an awesome theme, and get some great decor to throw the most impressive themed party ever! Decade and movie-themed parties are always a hit. There are many venues out there that offer fantastic party packages that include everything you need for a great time. From tablecloths, drapes, and centerpieces to a dancefloor, DJ, and even a delicious buffet-style meal.

Throw a half-birthday party

No one would ever expect a celebration of their birthday six months before it actually happens. This is why this surprise is so amazing! It’ll give you enough time to plan the party, invite everyone, and pull off the most incredible birthday without even giving away the surprise.

However you choose to surprise them, it's going to be absolutely amazing! If you want to make their special day even more exciting, you should consider an experience gift. It's a great way to make their day extra memorable! We're talking about thrilling racing adventures, relaxing sunset kayak trips, and even mouthwatering food tours. Or even getting them tickets to a game with arrangements for them to meet their favorite player, or perhaps receiving an opportunity to take a photograph on the grounds before spectators arrive and the game starts. Trust us, they won't be able to stop raving about these gifts!

Final thoughts

Although fun, planning birthday surprises can sometimes be difficult when you feel like you’ve hit a wall. We have, however, provided some out-of-the-box ideas that you can consider when planning your next shindig. One or a combination of any of these will no doubt knock the socks off your special person. The one thing to keep in mind, though, is that not everyone likes surprises. So go on and get to planning like a pro!


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