A Guide for Parents Going Back to School

A unique support system needs to be in place for parents going back to school, especially when raising a family. It is estimated that one in five college students is a parent and more than 50% of them have children under six.

Balancing academics and work priorities isn't always easy, but it can be well worth the effort because earning online teaching degrees or raising the level of education offline can help in enhancing career prospects and incorporate more meaning in your work.

So here are some valuable tips for those moms and dads who have made the momentous decision to go back to college and some resources to help them out.

Set clear goals

The higher your educational qualification,the greater will be your earning potential and lower your chances of remaining unemployed. Some of the things to consider when going back to school should be:

  • Enhance career options
  • Increase knowledge and skills
  • Set an example to the whole family

Don't be afraid to seek support

It is not easy to earn a college degree and doubly difficult if you don't take outside help. So do not be afraid to reach out to friends and family members for any help during schooling.

Support can come in different forms like asking someone to babysit or taking academic help through student advisers etc, so it is important you communicate your exact needs to others.

Time management is critical

Your studies are as important, if not more than your family. Your employer needs you and always keeps you on your toes. This apart from juggling with house cleaning, bills, dinner, after school children activities and you have a virtual mountain to climb.

Therefore, managing time in spite of your academic responsibilities is important. Establish a routine and follow some time management tips like aimlessly browsing the web or spending a lot of time on social media.

Stay motivated

Work through your degree program with your student advisor or instructor and seek how to progress by addressing your areas of concern and potential improvement ideas.

Connect with your peers for a study session through group chats and video software in order to stay in touch, anytime from anywhere.

Incorporate successful study habits

Set aside a good space in your home for studying just as you would in a traditional office setting. This space will then allow you to focus on your studies in peace.

Also take out time to study with your classmates or friends who are also going back to college to earn higher qualifications. Adapt your work mode to your preferred style of learning, whether it is through flash cards or plenty of notes or anything else which works best for you.

Take care of yourself

Take care to look after yourself, after all you need to care for everyone as a responsible parent and prevent a burnout.

Ensure you find time to relax and recharge your batteries by exercising, eating well and getting the required rest needed for the body.


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