A Peek Into the Exciting Life of a Baby Boomer
By Wolfgang Paul Pohle

Available on Amazon, below is an excerpt from the new book My Pursuit of Happiness: The Exciting Life of a Baby Boomer.


Starting with my roots and the day I was born, at the start of the baby boomers generation, this biography documents the exciting journey of my life, my family, my native Frisian home and my three home countries Germany and later Switzerland and the USA.

As I lived a very exciting and international life, my story gets more interesting. There were events in my childhood and my formative years, experiences from my adult years and extensive business and pleasure travels, in 61 countries. Every country holds special memories and has its place in this book. Maybe you will find a place that you will put on your bucket list or read more about it. Most of these countries I experienced as a non-tourist and that gives my travel experience another twist. I actually worked there.

My life offered so much to me that I am very proud of and grateful for. I lived my life on the side of my wonderful wife Ursula. Two great children blessed our relationship and both are living now an international life too.

When I came closer to the end of my professional career and the start of my retirement, the urge to share this in a book started growing. But I waited five years. started, and temporarily closed the subject. I continued my research of my roots and had again a closer look at what my beloved native Eastern Frisia gave me for my adult life when I left it. I planned my book in my mind. To write up my life became a passion.


This biography takes you through 75 year of a German baby boomer’s life, which was exciting and international. He has a wealth of rich experiences in Germany, Switzerland, the USA and 58 other countries on six continents. His total air mileage is flying more than a 100 times around the globe. This book shares tales, memories, events, and general comments that he deems important and interesting to his readers. Taking steps back into his roots, some history, and life in general make this book educating and entertaining reading. It is a book for all generations who like to look across the fence, from students to seniors. This book is a timely document to deal with the event of war time and peace time.


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