A Short Guide to Short Term Rentals

Here's why you should consider a short term rental the next time you find yourself away from home for an extended period of time.

There are many reasons you may find yourself needing a place to stay for an extended period of time. Perhaps you are relocating, for business or personal reasons, and need somewhere to live while you search for a home. Maybe you are traveling for business on a temporary assignment, visiting family in another city for the summer, or just taking a long trip to a city you have always wanted to visit. No matter the reason for traveling, an extended stay is different than a short trip. It requires more than just a hotel room or vacation rental. A good solution is a furnished apartment or house.

Where do you find a furnished apartment or house that’s available for rent on a short term basis? There are companies that specialize in short term rentals and extended stays, meaning stays of at least 30 days. For example, Furnished Apartments Cincinnati provides relocation and corporate housing services in Cincinnati; they can help make your search for a home away from home go smoothly. A local company like this will also be knowledgeable about the area and can offer intimate service to help make your search more efficient.

So why go with a furnished apartment or house that specialize in short term rentals?

Comfort and convenience

If you have ever been away from home for more than a week, you may have started to miss the comforts and conveniences of home. Houses and apartments that solely provide short term rentals solve that problem. They come fully furnished, so you only need to bring your personal items and clothes. Fully equipped kitchens are the norm, including everything you need to cook three meals a day. This amenity can keep your diet on track and save you money. Expect plenty of sheets and towels, and most rentals come with a washer and dryer so you can wash what you need, when you need it.

More space

Also expect more space. Unlike hotels, which have minimal furniture and usually just one room, you can choose a place with ample sitting areas and space for your belongings. Staying in a furnished home or apartment offers more privacy and space which will be appreciated during an extended stay. If you need even more space and privacy, you can also find duplexes for long-term rent, which provide a similar level of comfort and convenience as furnished apartments and houses, but with more room for larger families or groups.


Hotels have quick a turnover of guests, which means that rooms are quickly cleaned before new guests arrive just hours later. Most hotels do not wash or change bedspreads or pillows between guests, or clean under or on top of furniture; this type of deep clean is just not possible under normal time constraints. For an overnight stay, this may not be a big deal. But for an extended stay, wouldn’t it be nice to know you can rest your head easy in a clean environment? Short term rentals typically provide a deeper clean for new guests. A corporate housing and furnished apartment company in Cincinnati, HomeLinkCincinnati, even offers brand new sheets and pillows for every guest and their cleaning crews spend an average of eight hours before new renters.

Live like a local

You can truly get a feel for a city or a town when staying in a house or apartment, unlike a hotel. This is especially helpful if you are relocating. You can choose a place in the vicinity of where you’d like to end up living and get to know the local people, restaurants, shops, and other businesses. Immersing yourself in the daily hustle and bustle of the area will allow you to experience the flavor, charm (or lack of), and energy just like a true local.

Lower cost

An important factor in determining where to stay is the cost. Short term rentals will typically be much more cost effective than staying in a hotel or leasing a regular apartment or house, which usually do not come furnished or with experienced staff assisting you in the process. You would be surprised to find you can get a fully furnished house with much more space for much less than a hotel would cost.  

Now that we have given you a short guide to short term rentals, we have another suggestion for retirees and those of you planning for retirement: use short term rentals for an epic travel adventure! Have you always wanted to take a year-long road trip across the country? Then pick 12 cities and stay in each one for a month. Pack your personal items and you’ll be ready to go - short term rentals provide the rest. You’ll get to experience life in cities you have always been curious about, while still feeling like you have a home to go home to each day.


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