Are You Using the Right Dating App: What to Look Out for When Selecting the Right Service for Your Needs

With a dizzying number of dating apps out there, choosing the best platform for your needs is harder than ever.

Selecting the right service will play a major role in the success of your online dating journey. If the platform isn’t perfect for you, you’re likely to face the frustration of getting lots of unsuitable matches - or even of not getting enough matches at all.

Use the guide below when selecting a dating app to up your odds of finding romance and having plenty of fun along the way!

What Are You Looking For?

First of all, get really clear on what you’re looking for. Are you looking for no-strings fun, a casual liaison, or a serious, committed relationship? Or are you not sure right now? Knowing your aims when signing up for a dating app will make your choice much easier,

For example, dating sites like Zoosk or Match are geared toward those looking for a serious relationship, while an app such as Tinder is preferred by those who want something more casual.

Is a Niche Dating App for You?

As well as the plethora of mainstream dating apps out there, there are also plenty of platforms created for specific groups of people. Stir, for example, is geared toward single parents looking for other single moms and dads to make a connection with. Other dating apps are available that cater to young professionals, those over 50, those committed to a vegan, eco-lifestyle, and many more.

When choosing a dating platform, consider whether such a niche site would be most suitable for you.

Consider the Cost

The cost is an essential factor. As well as making sure that any charges are affordable, it’s worth weighing up whether a paid-for app is more likely to attract those who will take the dating process more seriously.

Many platforms have a free tier, although you may need to pay more to access key features. Some dating apps offer a free or discounted trial period, so taking advantage of such an offer could be a great idea to check if the platform is suitable for you before committing.

How the App Works

To get the most out of the online dating process, it’s crucial to ensure that you’ll enjoy and feel comfortable using the app itself. While many platforms work similarly overall, there are some key differences.

For example, Bumble is designed so that only women can make the first move. Many users like that there is no way to send another user an unsolicited message: you must have matched to begin communicating.

Different apps will have different means by which users can chat with each other, along with extra features to help the matchmaking process. It’s a good idea to read as many reviews as possible of the app you’re considering to get an idea of how things work in practice.

About Time

As part of making a decision, think about how much time you realistically plan to make for online dating. As well as the profile browsing and messaging, you’ll need to commit time for the actual in-person dates, too!

Some platforms put a lot of emphasis on facilitating suitable matches, and plenty of messaging will play a significant role in this, while other apps’ ethos is more geared toward meeting up for dates relatively quickly.

Thinking about the type of dating journey that you want to experience can help ensure you sign up for the most suitable platform for your needs.

Safety and Security

And, of course, ensuring the app you’re considering is a secure platform with plenty of features to ensure the safety of its members is important. Does it deploy profile verification, for example, to prevent scam users from registering? Make sure, too, that the site has an SSL certificate and a way to block and report any members acting inappropriately.

Finally, find out about the customer service provision available; is there help available 24/7, for example, as well as online guides to help you get started?

The Road to Romance

Once you’re set up on a dating app and have begun connecting with matches, it’s vital to keep things in perspective. The online dating journey may sometimes be frustrating and can even threaten to undermine your self-esteem. Always keep in mind that until you’ve met a match at least a few times, they don’t actually know you or your wonderful personality. Remember, too, that we can never know what’s going on in someone else’s life: an unanswered message or the sudden disappearance of a match is highly unlikely to have anything to do with us, but due to events in the individual’s own life.

On the positive side, dating apps are now the forum where most people meet a partner - and more marriages than ever start online! As well as this, the dating journey itself can be an excellent way to learn more about ourselves, meet new people, and enjoy some fun new experiences.

Whatever you’re looking for - a serious relationship, something more casual, or even companionship - taking the time to consider the above points can exponentially improve your chance of finding it.


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