12 New Year's Resolutions for a Healthier, Happier Home in 2022
12 New Year's Resolutions for a Healthier, Happier Home in 2022
By Elizabeth Pandolfi
Babyboomers.com Staff

Looking to make some changes at home this new year? From using less energy to upping your home decor game, here are 12 resolutions for a happier and healthier home in 2022.

1. Declutter. 

First on the list: declutter! Go room by room or even break your work into smaller areas like a closet or shelf. Set a timer for a few minutes a day, and accomplish what you can.

2. Seal windows and doors to decrease energy use.

Decrease energy loss and increase efficiency by installing or replacing weather stripping on doors and windows.

3. Install carbon monoxide detectors (and check them if you’ve already got them).

Each floor of your home should have a carbon monoxide detector. Prioritize bedroom areas first.

4. Decide on a house cleaning schedule.

Work with the members of your family to come up with a regular cleaning schedule that everyone can participate in. You can do one room per day, or focus on one type of task per day, like handling floors or changing bedding.

5. Catch up on any regular house maintenance you’ve been putting off. 

Is your roof nearing the end of its life? Your water heater acting up? Resolve to spend some time on regular home maintenance both for safety and for keeping your home updated and bursting with curb appeal.

6. Rearrange your gathering spaces so they’re more conducive to conversation. 

Instead of facing seating like couches and armchairs toward the TV, turn them to face each other. You might be surprised how it affects your family’s interactions.

7. Improve your home’s curb appeal. 

Invest in simple outdoor projects with high ROI, like fresh mulch, simple lawn maintenance, and installing solar lights along walkways.

8. Make safety a priority. 

Does your family know the evacuation procedure in case of a fire or other disaster? Spend some time making and reviewing your family safety plan this year. 

9. Invest in better air filtration. 

Poor indoor air quality can lead to allergies, respiratory irritation, and more illnesses. If you’re concerned about air quality, purchase an air purifier and/or buy better HVAC air filters.

10. Get rid of any broken items or things you haven’t used in the past year. 

If you’re still holding onto clothing, toys, kitchen gadgets, or other items that you haven’t used in the past year, now’s the time to donate or trash them.

11. Entertain friends more often. 

In 2022, resolve to have friends and family in your space more often. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy—the simple act of opening your home to loved ones is enough to make this year better than the last.

12. Make sure your space encourages quality family time. 

Are your board games out of reach on the top shelf of a closet? Do you have spaces where everyone in the family can come together? Focus on making your space conducive to quality  family time, whether by creating new areas where everyone can gather or making the ones you have more inviting.

A new year is the perfect time to focus on making your home as healthy, happy, and inviting as possible. Happy New Year! 

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