4 Highly Beneficial Healthy Products Innovations
4 Highly Beneficial Healthy Products Innovations
Babyboomers.com Staff

Inevitably, technological innovations and advanced environmental awareness spike the demand for natural products. As a matter of fact, a recent study revealed a hungry market willing to pay for anything perceived as healthy as possible. Impressively, this translates to immense business growth, with the natural products industry estimated to make over $184 billion by 2026.

In addition, the plant-based dietary market takes the industry by storm, with experts approximating a growth of $70 billion by 2024. Such impressive figures depict an industry ready to burst to the rims with creative innovations and opportunities.

As a result, you can now easily find fruit-infused beverages, vegan snacks, natural beauty products, and supplements at a store nearby. Follow for some of the most fantastic natural-based products you should not miss.

1. Baobab Fruit Bars and Powder

 Nicknamed the ‘tree of life, baobab tree produces edible leaves and fruits well known for health benefits and recipe ingredients. According to a 2008 UN Conference, baobab has six times more vitamin C than oranges, additional magnesium and potassium than bananas, and elevated iron levels compared to spinach. Likewise, it is an essential source of vitamins, phosphorus, antioxidants, and calcium.

For this some veteran companies produce nutritional products like fruit powders and flavored bars. Above all, baobab powder makes an ideal alternative for smoothies because of the tart flavor.

2. Cannabis Products

Increased legalization and exposure to cannabis benefits prompt massive demand on cannabis products. More often, news about brands making CBD edibles, tinctures, oils, beauty products, supplements, beverages, and capsules, rule the air.

Even if the industry is still in its inception stages, cannabis products already have a considerable following: anxiety, pain relief, insomnia, epilepsy, inflammation, arthritis, etc. Most impressive is that you can also make cannabis edibles and infused recipes for a similar effect.  In a nutshell, edibles are any food infused with cannabis.

Depending on your preference, you can fry meals using CBD oil and infused butter or mix cannabis directly in the food. One beneficial cannabis-infused product is the honey recipe. Centuries down the line, honey has been a sugar substitute in numerous recipes. Given that it has a rich supply of antimicrobial and antiseptic properties, a combination with cannabis immensely enhances its therapeutic capability.

3. Vegan Snacks

Currently, the market has an abundance of natural-based snacks that have several benefits to the user. From Quinoa chocolate puff to coconut or soy-based cookies, the industry has a lot to offer. In addition, there are the upcoming jerky snack brands that make products in savory, moderate, or pure fruit flavors.

With most people cutting down on their meat intake, there is an increased demand for protein plant-based options. Thus, meat substitutes like vegan snacks with mushroom or mesquite lime enjoy increased demand mainly because of their high nutritional value.

4. Non-dairy Milk

Due to intolerances, dietary restrictions, or preferences, some individuals opt for other beverage options rather than milk. For instance, almond milk enjoys prominence because of its delectable nutty flavor and minimal calories. Other milk options include soy, oats, coconut, cashew nuts, rice, hemp, macadamia, and quinoa.

Before supplementing milk with any choice, it is vital to confirm if the alternative offers similar nutrition benefits. Therefore, check on the calcium content, added sugar, additives, and vitamin B12. Finally, compare the cost and the dietary needs and make a prudent decision.

What’s next?

The future for natural-based products appears all glossy and eventful. With mainstream chipping in and lenders offering premium support, the journey has just begun. As a mega opportunity, brands should concentrate on nutritional profile, safety, and packaging to make the best out of it.

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