5 Things Every New Dog Owner Should Know
5 Things Every New Dog Owner Should Know
Babyboomers.com Staff

Amidst all the excitement of getting a new dog, you may forget that being a pet parent is also a huge responsibility. They say that a dog isn’t just for Christmas, and that's because once you agree to be a pet owner and bring a dog home, you are responsible for them for the rest of their life. While of course there are a lot of fun things that come with having your own dog, there are some responsibilities that can start to feel like a bit of a chore.

With this in mind, we have put together some of the most important things that we think all new dog owners should know. This guide provides you with all the information you need.

Every Dog Has Different Needs 

Many people make the mistake of thinking that all dogs are the same with identical needs and demands. But, in fact, every dog is different and will require different things from you.  So even if you have had a dog in the past, that doesn’t mean you know everything there is to know about being a good dog parent.

Therefore, you should look into dog breeds individually and learn about the general rules that apply to different kinds of dogs. But even then you can’t fully be prepared and know what to expect. You will need lots of patience while you get to know your dog individually.

In some cases, even a dog's gender can cause a difference, from the aggression level to territorial marking behavior to sexual behavior. Male and female dogs often need different products because of their physical differences. When your dog marks your house, for instance, you'll need either a belly band or dog diaper. Unlike dog diapers, belly bands for dogs cover a smaller area, which may be better suited for female dogs.

Dogs Need Supplements Too

Just like us humans, dogs need certain vitamins and minerals that they can often find in their food. This is why it is so important to find the right kind of food for your dog. But even then, you may find that you need to give your dog additional supplements to ensure they have everything they need to stay fit and healthy.

For example, you can get probiotics for dogs from Native Pet. Their dog probiotic powder offers organic prebiotics that can create good gut bacteria, address diarrhea problems, are packed with protein, and taste great.

Not Every Dog is Right For You

While you may have an idea in your head of the perfect dog, you should know that not every dog breed is going to suit you. From the kind of hours you work to the lifestyle you live, there are many different factors you should consider when finding the right dog for you.

For example, less needy and demanding dogs include whippets, great Danes, and bullmastiffs – these breeds can usually be left alone for a few hours. Whereas, pugs, chihuahuas, and French bulldogs are known for being very needy and always want to spend time with their owners. If you spend all day out at work, then this is something you should think about in advance of bringing a new dog into your home.

Socialization is Key 

It is crucial that your dog is able to happily be around other dogs and to do this you need to work on their socialization skills. While you may not think this is an issue if you don’t have any other dogs at home, you limit the places you and your dog can go if they can’t be around others.

If your dog is well-adjusted, then it will likely be comfortable in a range of different environments and feel able to interact with different animals and people. The best time to socialize your dog is when they are a puppy and aged around 8-12 weeks. If you are struggling to do this yourself, then look for a local puppy class and let the professionals help you out. Think how much easier it would be if you could go for a walk in the park or on the beach without being worried that your dog will react badly at the sight of others.

You NEED Pet Insurance 

The cost of having a dog can soon start to add up, especially with dog prices rising all the time. However, while your dog could probably live without that expensive dog bed or hundreds of chew toys, you cannot afford to skip pet insurance. Many new dog owners make the mistake of assuming that pet insurance is just another added extra to the long list of expenses, but the cost of unexpected vet bills will be a whole lot worse.

Therefore, we recommend that you research and compare the different insurance policies that are out there to protect you and your pet. Believe us when we say you will thank us for it later!

If you are considering getting a new dog, then we highly recommend that you think about all these important factors before going ahead. Not being fully prepared for the responsibility of being a pet parent could be cruel to both you and the dog. 

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