A Family Cookbook Is A Present With A Future
A Family Cookbook Is a Present With a Future
Babyboomers.com Staff

Recipes are a tradition that should be passed on to each generation. Although many a family food treasure can be lost forever with each passing of a family member. Many baby boomers are working to create a printed family cookbook to collect and preserve their favorite mealtime treasures.

Once a labor-intensive task, now families are using the Internet to simplify the project. A website can provide step by step instructions and tools to help the family member serving as cookbook editor to contact others and encourage them to enter their favorite recipes directly into the online system. The editor then simply reviews and edits the recipes, selects design options, and sends the cookbook to be printed. The finished printed cookbooks are received in a few weeks time.

FamilyCookbookProject.com, named the Best Publishing Website in the 2020 Web Marketing Association WebAwards, is one easy-to-use website available to help families collect their assortment of recipes into a beautifully bound printed heirloom that can be a time saver and reduce clutter in the kitchen or given as a gift.

Here are some tips on creating your own personal recipe journal from Family Cookbook Project:

  • Often collection of recipes in the form of a recipe box, magazine and newspaper clippings, or cookbooks with pages marked is a great place to start creating your cookbook.
  • For those recipes that you never wrote down because you made them so many times you knew it by memory, make it again and this time write it down step by step as you make it.
  • Measure the ingredients! Even if you use a "handful" of something, take a handful and put it into a measuring cup and write it down before throwing it into the pot.
  • Remember to write personal notes about why this recipe was important, who gave it to you or any special memories of meals that it was served. My mother’s Chicken Supreme will always remind me of her serving at the rehearsal dinner for my wedding.
  • Including lots of photos is also a great way to make your special cookbook and help preserve the special memories.

Whether you are looking for a great gift idea or ensuring that the foods you grew up with are enjoyed in future generations, a family cookbook is a present with a future.


Bill Rice is founder and Co-Publisher of the FamilyCookbookProject.com, a website that has helped thousands of families and individuals collect and share food memories through customized printed cookbooks filled with treasured recipes.

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