Be Prepared for Issues That Arise as You Age
Be Prepared for Issues That Arise as You Age Staff

Being prepared means being protected. So the sooner you know about what awaits you, the better you will be able to address and face it. As you age, you will experience some problems leaving you; you don’t care much about them. On the other hand, some issues might knock on your door and you'll be obliged to face them.

Those can be issues related to mental health, physical well-being, and overall living conditions.

Don’t be afraid of these issues and don’t fall into despair. Instead, continue reading till the end to be informed beforehand and receive a hint of what to do!

Sense of Purpose

What is a sense of purpose? An existential question like this popped up probably when you were a teenager. As you grew up, chores and work took your attention from debating on this topic. Now, you have free time, and after being through many trials and errors, you feel like that sense of purpose has abandoned you. The same things that would bring you joy may become tedious, boring or uninteresting.

Such an existential crisis befriends a lot of seniors. So knowing it might happen to you makes you think about how to prevent it. The advice here would be not to avoid it as it would appear in one way or another but to play that game of life. Try to think of this feeling as a key to redefining your being and giving a try to things - professions, places, and people - you wanted but never or seldom tried.


Mobility also becomes a big issue as you age. At one point you may have jogged all day and danced all night. Now, you don’t have that energy and strength. You can do these activities, but you feel that you are getting tired much faster. There is no other option but to accept that your body - your bones and your muscles - have aged and changed with you.

If you are an introvert, who enjoys the company of her abode, then mobility issues may not worry you much. Be careful as this can lead you to complete isolation which can later keep you from getting to a post office or visiting your doctor. If you are an extrovert, the mobility issue can strike you harsher. Try to organize the space and people around you only to help you move and keep your life as active as possible.

Psychological Health

The vast majority of seniors imagine aging like it is portrayed in movies. You are calmly sitting in a garden with a cup of tea, gazing through the colorful horizon. However, movies seldom picture the reality where seniors suffer from different psychological and mental health issues. You should be prepared for it too.

Again, don’t be scared, but be prepared. As a result of the sense of purpose dilemma, seniors might fall into depression. They may lose their social connections attempting to find what is happening to them. On the other hand, they may spot some cognitive decline, which, if untreated, can lead to dementia. The more they prioritize their mental health and do regular check-ups on the nervous system, the higher the chances of dealing with mental health issues successfully are.

In all these kinds of issues, the company of like-minded folks and professional medical care are the two best medicines you can prescribe yourself! A network of friends can revive your sense of purpose, while trained staff can help you with transportation and hold your mental health in check. You can find all of these at retirement homes designed for either independent or assisted residence. For example, assisted living facilities in Springfield, Oregon, may become an excellent choice for seniors living in this state or nearby. Remember that age is just a two-digit number, and all that matters is your happiness and readiness to create it yourself.

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