Cinema's Top 5 Iconic Films
Cinema's Top 5 Iconic Films Staff

No great film is complete without a great poster promoting it. A movie poster can be a piece of art and it is responsible for capturing the tone, story, and visual style of the film. This is often the first thing that someone will see about a film (especially in years gone by) and it, therefore, needs to capture their attention and intrigue. There have been many iconic film posters throughout time - here are our top 5 faves.

#5. Vertigo

Designed by iconic American graphic designer Saul Bass, the Vertigo film poster is one of the most influential posters of all time. It is said that Bass revolutionised movie posters with this striking design which encapsulates the film story and tone in a single image. The geometric pattern is the most notable aspect of the poster which captures the eye and intrigues and is still a frequently used technique in the designing of posters today.

#4. Jurassic Park

There are few films as loved as Jurassic Park, so it is a good job that it has a poster to match. The poster was designed by Tom Martin who has created many iconic film posters during his storied career, but it is Jurassic Park that is most notable for its simplicity and contrasting colours, making it visually appealing. Interestingly, Martin created hundreds of designs, but it was the adaptation of the Chipp Kidd design on the novel that was used.

#3. Pulp Fiction

There are many iconic things about Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction, including the poster which is often found on the walls of student dorms all over the world. Designed by James Verdesto, the poster has a retro design that matches the film's aesthetic which helped it to stand out from other films at the time. The poster also communicates the central themes of the film that make it appealing - sex, drugs, and violence.

#2. Star Wars: A New Hope

The Star Wars poster is one of the most famous images used in cinema of all time with a poster that is still as intriguing now as it was in 1977. Again, it was the ability of designer Tom Jung to encapsulate the story, theme, and style into a single image which successfully encapsulates a futuristic and mystical feel as well as clearly being a story of good vs evil.

#1. Jaws

The Jaws poster is another masterpiece due to its unique and eye-catching graphic design along with the terrifying image of an enormous shark rising up to attack a female swimmer. The clever use of contrasting white, blue, and red catches the eye with the image capturing the essence of the film without revealing any spoilers.

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