Finding the Right Security System for You
Finding the Right Security System for You Staff

Security systems are a must, especially if you live in a densely populated area.  Although it can take time to find the right one, some things to consider can make the decision a little easier on you.

These are the top things to go over before settling on a security system and how they might protect you if you use them.

Consider Your Budget

Think about how much you can afford to pay for a good security system.  Although budgets are tight for most people right now, ensuring your home is safe is vital. So look at your budget, and think about how much you can pay per month to the security company to keep your space safe

Silent or Loud Alarms

The volume of your home security alarm can change how a thief reacts. For example, if a loud siren or alarm goes off when they enter your home, they may be more likely to leave without taking anything quickly.  This can be good to protect your things for that night, but unfortunately, it means the burglar will most likely get away after already breaking into your home.

Silent alarms can be helpful if you want to ensure that they’re in your home when the police arrive.  Unfortunately, there’s no telling how long emergency responders will take, which could leave you open to many dangers.  A silent alarm may also not alert you that someone is in your home, which can lead to your safety being in jeopardy.

Which Entries to Protect

There are multiple ways to set up your security system. Most know that the doors are the most important and should be protected first, but windows are often included in security systems.  It's a good idea to try to save whichever entrances you're most unsure about.

If your windows are older, or you’re prone to accidentally leaving them unlocked, having a security system that detects movement in them can be valuable to you.

Do You Want Cameras?

Cameras are more useful than people give them credit for!  Of course, they can't stop a robbery that's underway, but they can catch signs of the burglars, including their face, body type, voice, and possibly other attributes that could lead to their capture and arrest down the line.

Having cameras towards the entrance of your home also makes sense when you consider how many people come to our doors in a month.  Food delivery, mail delivery, door-to-door salespeople, our neighbors and loved ones, handypersons, and tons of other people that we can't account for. Cameras capture those people on record and can help you if there's a robbery down the line.

Do Fake Cameras or Signs Work?

Many put false security company signs in their yard and fake cameras around the entrances of their home.  Unfortunately, this means that homeowners aren't truly safe.

These counterfeit cameras can easily be spotted by burglars who do this often enough, and because they're fake, the cameras won't record anything or protect you when you need it.  It's not a good idea to put up counterfeit items because they don't protect you.

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