Here's Where Consumers Are Buying CBD
Here's Where Consumers Are Buying CBD Staff

Over the last few years CBD has garnered much positive attention, with more and more people intrigued by the cannabinoid and how it could potentially help them. 

But knowing where to buy CBD, particularly the best quality products that offer the best value for money, isn’t always easy. Moreover, there is a huge range of product types on offer, such as CBD capsules, tinctures, gummies, topicals, and more. For those new to the CBD world, having so many different options can be both wonderful and confusing at the same time.

So, where are people purchasing their CBD products, and which option is the best?

Purchasing CBD Products Directly From CBD Brands

When buying CBD, one of the best options is to go directly to the websites and CBD online stores of the brands making the products. Almost all CBD brands have an online store where their full range of products is available to purchase.

There are several benefits to shopping directly with a CBD brand. Firstly, it is often the best way to get the best value for money while not compromising quality since no intermediary is involved. 

Secondly, CBD brands tend to publish more detailed information about their products and manufacturing processes. As they are the people designing and manufacturing the products, they have greater insight and knowledge on their CBD items than a third-party seller.

It’s also worth mentioning that the range of products on offer varies from brand to brand. Some of the larger retailers, like Premium Jane, sell everything from CBD pills and oils to CBD creams and bath products. On the other hand, smaller brands might only have a handful of CBD products on offer.

Purchasing CBD Products From Online Retailers

Another option when searching for CBD online is to shop via third-party retailers. The biggest advantage here is that such companies typically stock a range of products from various CBD brands.

Online retailers can work with multiple CBD brands to sell a more comprehensive range of products. Choosing to shop with third-party companies is ideal for people who want to try out different products and can’t find everything they are looking for from one brand.

Purchasing CBD Products From Health Food Stores

Health food stores are another popular place to purchase CBD products. The most common CBD products in health food stores are supplements such as CBD capsules and CBD pills, as well as CBD edibles.

The CBD products sold in health food stores tend to focus on being health supplements with wellness benefits. Therefore, products such as CBD cosmetics and topicals are not as common in health food stores.

The main advantage of shopping in health food stores is that other supplements and health products can be easily purchased alongside CBD. The store staff might also be able to advise customers on the best CBD products for beginners.

Purchasing CBD Products From Pharmacies

It has become the norm to see CBD products in pharmacies. Most of the CBD products found in pharmacies are either dietary supplements or products designed to treat a particular ailment.

The main reason to consider shopping for CBD in pharmacies is that there is typically staff with medical knowledge who can guide customers towards the best products for their needs.

Purchasing CBD Products From Cosmetic Brands

CBD is increasingly being used as a core ingredient in cosmetic and beauty products. It is thought that CBD could be useful when used together with anti-aging creams, full-body moisturizers, and other such products.

Many consumers choose to purchase CBD cosmetics from top beauty brands. Those who already have an established skincare and beauty regime and are dedicated to a particular brand may opt for CBD options from that particular brand if available.

Most CBD skincare products are designed to be used in the same way as traditional creams and cosmetics. In many cases, CBD cosmetics can even be used in place of traditional CBD-free options.

Where Is The Best Place To Shop For CBD?

It can be challenging to know where to look for CBD products and find the best value. Unfortunately, there is no one answer for finding the best CBD products as it very much depends on the type of products being purchased.

For example, it might be best to purchase a CBD cream to treat chronic pain from a pharmacy or directly from the CBD brand. In both instances, you’re likely to find a broader range of products for this intended purpose.

On the other hand, when shopping for a CBD-infused beauty cream to help fight the signs of aging, it may be better to look at cosmetic brands. Beauty and cosmetic brands already have an extensive range of products and are expanding their options to include those with added CBD.

It is best to think about the reasons for using CBD and which shops or companies are likely to offer the broadest range of products for that particular purpose. 

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