How To Get Your Best Body Over 50 Even In Menopause
How To Get Your Best Body Over 50 Even In Menopause
By Gianna Miceli, The Menopause Master Staff

Sounds too good to be true right? I never would have believed it either, but I became the menopause master doing just that. No dieting, no counting calories, no suffering, and no HRT.

When I was 41, I never thought I could look and feel amazing at 55, because as I began to enter perimenopause, my body was doing nothing but getting fat, sick, and tired.

No doctor could tell me anything was wrong with me, but boy did they want to put me on a lot of drugs. Phentermine. Metformin. Wellbutrin. Thyroid Meds. Xanax. What does any of that have to do with my estrogen & progesterone dropping? And what does my hormone drop have to do with making me fat?

When I inquired about HRT and BHRT, I asked the doctors, "What will this do for me?" And I seemed to be the only person who ever asked that question and no doctor could answer it. It was like I was the only person who had ever asked that question.

My obsessive research began, as I had to fix this problem. My income was slipping since I was too tired to get out of bed to tend to my business. After endless Google searches, I found this ONE doctor who said..."Medically treated menopause is the biggest fraud perpetrated on American women in the past 80 years."  I was like, "What??????"

From my book:

That is how I started researching every symptom I had, and then every symptom the AMA claims is caused by the menopause transition. And when I discovered the nutritional deficiencies were the cause, I was so excited that I finally found something that made sense!! I discovered that I had complete control over my body not by taking meds, but by my menu choices!

I’m 55 now, and never took HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) or BHRT (Bioidential Hormone Replacement Therapy) and in fact I discovered that it’s the biggest fraud perpetrated on American women in the past 90 years!

It’s nothing but a drug that was in search of a market, and that market is YOU.  Are you in this demographic?

Vulnerable, desperate, crying overweight women over 40? Because the medical community LOVES you! You are great customers! You don’t question what they prescribe for you, and you just keep coming back for more!!

My Menopause Weight Loss Class will show you the evidence that this drug was intended to prevent miscarriages, which they failed to do, and the geniuses figured out how to create the menopause market of propaganda and have been convincing women ever since, that menopause is a time when you need medical help.

It's never about the hormone drop per se. It's about the state of your metabolics WHEN the menopause happens.

I was finally on my way to moving the needle on the scale down, and regaining my amazing energy, I started looking younger, and finally not only reached my desired weight without effort but have kept the weight off for a decade now.

If you are struggling with being fat, sick, tired, and angry...angry because you think you've tried EVERYTHING but EVERYTHING has failed you, then becoming your own health advocate and dare I say, "detective" is the best way to end menopause misery and get your sexy health & body back for good.

Here I am at 55! Not fat. Not sick. Not lacking in estrogen. Do I look a bit unfeminine to you? Because the medical community says that if I do not take HRT, within 10 years of my last cycle, I will be sick.  They can’t define what that is exactly, but they sure tried to scare me! This is my 10th year being post menopause.

Because in the late 60’s as they evidence was coming out that the ERT (Estrogen Replacement Therapy) was causing women to get cancer, they paid a doctor the equivalent to $12 million dollars today, to write a book called “Feminine Forever” and hired a New York City Madison Avenue ad agency to market that book and write ghost write articles in the magazines our mothers read, like Good Housekeeping, Reader’s Digest, and Redbook, to convince us that the new HRT (where they added progesterone) was all ok, would not cause cancer, and that we NEEDED it.

My mother fell for the scam. Did yours?

They simply cannot guarantee that it will not cause cancer. I want to ask you, do you think flooding your reproductive system, and blood flow, and cells with man made hormones into an area that is winding down, and trying to manipulate it, just might put your delicate system into disarray that grows fibroids, cysts, and cancer? You ought to have your head examined if you don’t agree.

Now I help other women take the same all natural path to freedom that I did and in fact, it freed me not only from the fat, but from being weak and feeble with ease. With ease. It’s EASY to become lean and strong.

About the Author

Gianna Miceli is an outspoken champion for women’s health, transforming the stigma attached to menopausal women from fat & frumpy to sexy & fabulous with her revolutionary message that women over 40 are not medically defective - they are eating themselves to it and the good news is...they can eat their way out of it!

In her books, she shares details about why American women are miserable in their menopause years more than ever before in the most modern time in history. Absolutely anyone can follow her five-ways to diagnose your fat loss blocks that will help you combat a miserable menopause, set motivating goals, and create the healthy habits that work for YOU. Learn more at


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