How To Make Easy Money in Micro Freelancing? JumpTask Review
How To Make Easy Money in Micro Freelancing? JumpTask Review Staff

Ever thought of earning money by freelancing? You are not alone. In 2022, the number of freelancers in the United States is projected to top 70 million. And by 2028, that figure is set to increase to 90 million Americans having a side hustle. How to get started in freelancing?

Many freelancing platforms allow you to make money online. The problem is that almost all of them require expert skills that you may not have. After all, as a beginner, you might just want to get some money on the side rather than spend ages becoming a rocket scientist.

What if there was a freelancing platform that didn't require any skills? JumpTask, a new marketplace, says they provide such a service. Let's review JumpTask to see if their task offerings are simple and, more importantly, if you can make any money there.

What Is JumpTask?

JumpTask is a micro freelancing platform that helps you make money by completing simple tasks. Once you pick a job and complete it, you get paid in cryptocurrency: JumpToken (JMPT).

The platform was founded in January 2022 and is growing quickly. It already has a user base of more than 1 million people, which makes it an option to consider.

How Does JumpTask Work?

To get started, you need two things. First one is a crypto wallet, which can be easily created using social logins. The second thing is a stable internet connection, to log in to your account and complete tasks.

Once you complete a task, you will earn money in the form of JumpToken (JMPT), JumpTask's own cryptocurrency. You can exchange your tokens into dollars anytime.

How Much Money Can I Make On JumpTask?

The amount of money you can make on JumpTask depends on the number of tasks you do. If you combine multiple earning methods, you can increase your income significantly.

For example, it's certainly possible to earn $50 per month, or even $100. This would involve completing quite a few micro tasks, but some people manage to do it.

To be clear, JumpTask is not a get-rich-quick scheme and does not promise to make you millions. Instead, the platform aims to provide an additional income source to its members.

What Tasks Can I Do?

JumpTask offers a wide variety of tasks that are easy to complete and do not require any skills. Moreover, the available gigs list includes both passive and active income methods.

One passive income method involves sharing internet bandwidth for money. It's simple: first, you need to download the Honeygain app, which is a partner of JumpTask. Then, you need to leave the app running in the background, and you will start to collect JMPT effortlessly.

Another passive income method is called staking. Not sure what that is? It works like a simple savings account: depositing money and earning interest. Only in this case do you deposit your existing JumpTokens, hold them, and earn passive JMPT rewards as time passes.

Other task examples include playing games, watching videos, testing new apps, completing offers, and much more. There really is something for everyone on JumpTask. Remember, the more earning methods you use at the same time, the higher earnings you can get.

How Do I Get Paid?

As we already mentioned, you will be paid in JumpToken (JMPT), a cryptocurrency. You can then exchange your tokens for dollars or keep them as an investment. The value of JMPT is constantly changing, so there's a chance it will be worth more in the future.

When you complete a task, JumpTask partners approve its completion. After that, they transfer JMPT to your account. You can always see your total earnings in the main dashboard when you log in to JumpTask.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Using JumpTask?

The most significant advantage of the platform is that it’s suitable for beginners. Other websites like Freelancer and Upwork require you to have graphic design, web development, or other skills and knowledge to start earning. On JumpTask, anyone can start making money in minutes.

Another advantage is flexibility. As micro tasks take minutes to complete, you can easily manage how much time you want to spend on tasks. These can be completed in your spare time and do not interrupt other work or college commitments.

One disadvantage is that task availability can be irregular. While many tasks are available at any given time, they tend to come in waves. This means that you may have a lot of jobs to complete one day and fewer the next.

Another area of improvement is the website itself. However, JumpTask announced on their social channels that they are working on their website update. Overall, JumpTask has more benefits for beginner freelancers than negative aspects.

The Bottom Line

JumpTask is a micro freelancing platform that helps you make money by completing simple tasks. The platform is easy to use, and there are many task options to choose from. If you're looking for an easy way to make some extra money, JumpTask is definitely worth checking out.

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