How to Make Your Household Chores More Bearable
How to Make Your Household Chores More Bearable Staff

It's fair to say that most people would rather do something – or anything – else than household chores. And it can certainly create real tension if you feel that your partner or housemate aren't pulling their weight. But what if someone told you there was no need to fall out over your home chores? And did you know that, actually, there are a few ways to make them fun? It may sound hard to believe, but there are ways that your housework can be made a lot more bearable.

What are the most unpopular chores?

Even if you're one of the few who doesn't mind doing the household chores per se, surely there will be one job you're not so keen on? One familiar example is washing the dishes – not least if you've created a culinary masterpiece and now have pots and pans stacking up in the sink? The thought alone can send a shiver down the spine after a tasty meal.

For 69% of people, cleaning up is the worst part of cooking – according to a study by cookware brand Circulon. And there's a very good reason why dishwashers are such popular appliances!

But what else? Well, the laundry process has a few chores that can get on people's wick. It has a lot going on too – gathering all your dirty clothes, loading them into the machine, and finding a way to get them all dry. In winter, that can be real challenge without a tumble dryer. And it's not thinking about any ironing that then needs to follow. So, lots to potentially moan about.

Ways to make your chores more fun

That said, have you ever tried to find ways of making your households chores fun? Believe us – there's a way. And they can be as simple as putting on your favourite radio station or playlist in the background. Suddenly, you'll find the chores start to zip along as you're belting out lyrics to whatever song comes up next. If you're vacuuming, you don't even need to fear being heard!

It's a bit of a hard sell, but you can try to encourage someone to help you out with your chores. If the other person needs convincing, just tell them that twice the people take half the time.

You could even treat the chores as a cheap, effective, and convenient home workout. It's true – adults can burn up to 2,700 calories a week just by cleaning the house. Over the course of the year, that'll add up to some serious fitness work. Better still, you don't need to pay to go to the gym and you don't need to try the latest fad diets.

You can even give yourself a sneaky reward each time you complete a 'workout' too.

How will you make your chores more bearable?

So, yes – it's true. Some household chores aren't the most enjoyable thing on our 'to-do' lists. Yet, there's no need to feel annoyed by the thought of having to do them – or by your partner or housemate not doing them. The right approach can make any chore feel more enjoyable. It can be anything that motivates and encourages you. And that's perhaps the best bit about it!

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