How to Organise a German-Themed Party
How to Organise a German-Themed Party Staff

Planning a German-themed party with your friends? No matter the reason for the celebration, you will find that a German theme can be great fun and the chance to indulge in some truly great food and drink. Keep reading to discover the best ways to create an unforgettable German-themed party that your guests are sure to love.


First up, you will want to think about drink. For a German theme, you will want to stock up on craft lagers for an Oktoberfest feel - remember to purchase German beer steins as well for the authentic experience! You could also purchase a few bottles of German wine and offer a few other traditional German drinks that your guests can enjoy.


Germany certainly knows what it is doing when it comes to food and you will find that there are many excellent options for a party. Pretzels are an ideal party snack that your guests are sure to enjoy along with bratwurst, red herring salad, pickled eggs, coleslaw and German fries. A Bavarian cheese board is also a good option, which should include things like Brie, Gruyere, Swiss cheese, grapes, rolls, radishes and more. Try to offer a range of food for your guests so that all tastes are catered for (and be sure to check to see if anyone has any allergies beforehand).


No party is complete without music and this will be key for creating a festive atmosphere. Most people will think of Oktoberfest when they think of German parties and you will find that there are many famous Oktoberfest songs that will help to set the right mood and get people celebrating. There are then a few famous German songs to mix things up, such as 99 Luftballoons, Wind of Change, Major Tom, Rock You Like a Hurricane and Du Hast.

German Decorations

The decorations will be the finishing touch to your party. There are a number of ideas for a German party, such as appetiser toothpick flags and tableware in blue and white (the colours of the Bavarian flag). You could also use signs in German to show guests around and then use general decorations like fairy lights, candles and streamers to create the right atmosphere.

Hopefully, this post will give you some inspiration and help you to plan the perfect German-themed party. Oktoberfest has become hugely popular in the UK in recent years and it is easy to see why as such a fun celebration, so many people now adopt a German theme for their parties. It is not the easiest theme to master, but if you put the effort in, it can be an unforgettable event and one much different from a typical party.

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