How to Organise the Perfect Garden Party
How to Organise the Perfect Garden Party Staff

Now that spring has begun and summer is fast approaching, outdoor plans can commence. As the sun sets later and average temperatures rise - with months like July seeing a 17.6-degree average last year, we can make more use of our time without having to retire indoors once the night draws in.

There are many summer activities that you should include in your plans such as festivals like Glastonbury or attending summer sporting events like the Olympics. One activity that is a must, however, is throwing a garden party.

Garden parties are a fantastic opportunity to invite all of your close friends and family round and party until the sun rises. Share incredible food and drink whilst reminiscing on past experiences, all the while building new memories.

Not sure how to organise it? We’ve got you covered. Read on to find out how to organise the perfect garden party.

When should you throw it?

Selecting the date is vital for your guests. Ensure you pick a date that most people can make for a filled up garden of friends. It’s best to avoid weeknights as people may be busy with their children. Once you’ve chosen a date, let guests know as soon as possible so they have a clear diary for that evening.


Next, it’s time to organise your food options. Before any planning begins, however, it’s best to ask guests if anyone has any dietary requirements. After this, you can begin to choose the food theme for the evening. Popular choices include:

  • BBQ – although you may find yourself slaving away at the grill all night.
  • Curry night
  • Fajitas
  • Pizza

If you’re unsure what guests would prefer, you could do a vote, winning dish is the one with the most votes.

Seating arrangements

This will depend on the vibe of the party. Do you want people dancing the night away or sitting at a table having a sophisticated drink and food? If it’s the latter you opt for then you will need to get the right amount of chairs. Utilise all indoor chairs and if you still need more, bring out the camping chairs. As long as people can rest their legs, they won’t mind where they’re sitting.


Lighting is everything for a garden party. It has the power to make the party look magical - or without lighting, a bit boring. Ensure yours is on the magical side by placing enchanting lights around the garden. From here, guests can look on in awe as they dance into the night.

As you can see, planning a garden party is easy when you follow these simple steps. Start planning yours now and have a blast.

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