Is Gloria Bell Glorious?
Is "Gloria Bell" Glorious? Staff

You've probably heard about the movie Gloria Bell, but have you seen it yet? If not, here's why maybe you should.

Relationships can be difficult at any age, but after 50, they can be even more difficult for many reasons. People typically have more "baggage" when they are older; there is the possibility of being divorced or widowed, having kids from a previous relationship, and even having grandkids.

Aging brings changes physically and emotionally that can affect self-image and confidence. There may be different fears to address after 50, too. In your twenties, you're probably not thinking about growing old alone, but that may be in your mind when you're older, single, and looking for a relationship.

The movie Gloria Bell, starring actress Julianne Moore, follows a divorced, free-spirited woman who finds herself dealing with the complexity of a relationship after marriage and kids. Filmmaker Sebastián Lelio manages to bring a realness to the movie, which is often missing in movies about older woman finding love. It's funny, it's sad, it's sweet. The film shows just how difficult relationships can be for older adults in a society that's so focused on youth.

Lelio won an Oscar for his 2017 film "A Fantastic Woman" and he proves again that he is a fantastic filmmaker. He says the inspiration for the movie came from his own experiences listening to his mother and her friends, all divorced, talk about their relationship experiences. It was from that inside look that Lelio - a man - was able to create such a truth within the character Gloria.

It's always nice to see movies that focus on love with older characters because they are few and between. Gloria Bell hits the mark when it comes to showing an honest and raw view of one woman's experiences.


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