Navigating Paris: Tips for the Older Traveler 
Navigating Paris: Tips for the Older Traveller Staff

There may be a number of destinations around the world that hold allure for different types of people. As you reach your more senior years, you may no longer be interested in nightlife or partying on your vacations. That being said, you might still want to take the opportunity to get away from home and enjoy yourself. When you have decided to visit France, and Paris in particular, you might want to consider some of the different aspects that can help you to meet your needs and have fun. This may mean that you have different requirements to other, younger travellers, that need to be taken into consideration before you leave.

Book events in advance

Some excursions in Paris may prove to be more popular than others. This may mean that you need to stand in long queues to purchase tickets. Rather than avoiding those events, you may be better off looking up what you want to see if tickets can be purchased online in advance. Searching for Moulin Rouge tickets – Paris can help you to narrow down your search to exactly what you want to see. You can then keep the tickets on your phone or even print them out and keep a paper copy to hand. 

Think about the journey itself

Paris can be a wonderful destination for an older traveller due to its rich history and great variety of things to do. However, as you get on in years, you may find some complications occur when trying to travel to and from your vacation. For some older travellers, this can make everything very off-putting, and might even make you feel like you’re no longer able to go out of the country. Instead, it can be a good idea to look into what support might be available at the airports you visit, as well as when on the airplane itself, that could help to make things easier and more enjoyable. This could be especially important for those with reduced mobility or whose medical needs mean they might require more legroom during a long flight.

Figure out where to stay

Knowing where you will be spending your nights can also be an integral part of planning a trip to Paris. When doing so, you might want to consider avoiding some of the busier parts of the city, particularly those known for nightlife, especially if you want to get a good amount of rest. Looking up the different neighborhoods, as well as best hotels and other types of accommodation, could help to prevent any nasty surprises when you arrive. Those who have mobility issues might also want to look into the transport provisions available, as well as the conditions of the streets. While some of the smaller cobblestone roads can be quieter, and feel more authentic, they may make tripping more likely, or be difficult to traverse in a wheelchair.

Visiting Paris as an older person can certainly be done. By considering your limitations and any medical issues, you might be able to figure out how to meet your needs and still have a great vacation.

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