Proper Cleaning Tips for Homeowners And Maids
Proper Cleaning Tips for Homeowners And Maids Staff

Few things are as gratifying as stepping into a clean, organized space. The tidiness of one's surroundings can play a huge role in a person's mood, as well as make a good impression. Whether you are a homeowner, or you work in the cleaning industry, establishing a thorough and efficient method is very important.

Before you learn technique, it's important to make sure you are stocked with the supplies you'll need for the job. These would be the rags, cleaning agents, dusters, vacuum, fresh sheets and towels, trash bags, etc. A checklist of supplies can come in handy at first, as you wouldn't want to stop in the middle of a task because you forgot something. It's important to also check for areas in the space that need repairs big and small. Something like a water leak will lead to mold, and even something as small as cleaning a window can take twice as long if the caulk has worn out around it and collected dust. If you're able, give the place a thorough walk through and make sure any repairs needed are dealt with. This should also be applied to furniture. Make sure everything is solid and able to receive a deep clean. If you're unable to check for repairs beforehand, that's okay! You'll notice any faults while you are cleaning.

Once you have gathered all your supplies, it's time to clean! Always start at the back of the room and work from the top down, moving towards the door. This will really streamline your work, and keeps you from having to backtrack, for example, if you vacuum before dusting, all the dust would end up on the floor and you'd have vacuum a second time. An efficient way to go about cleaning would be to start by removing any cobwebs from the ceiling, dust the fan, wash the windows, dust surfaces, wipe down furniture, replace sheets, and replace garbage bags. Sweeping or vacuuming should be the last step, again, working from the back of the room to the front. Don't be afraid to move furniture and other objects around to ensure every part of the space gets cleaned. Be sure to take a step back and look for anything that needs organized, such as cosmetics or toiletries.

If the job is really messy, and pre-soaks or stain treatment need to come into play, apply those first, as to not waste time. You will be able to keep on the task while the cleaning agents are keeping on theirs. If you are mopping a floor, try to dry it completely before leaving the room if there is a guest staying. Cleaning is about creating a safe environment for yourself and others. It would be terrible if anyone got injured because of an incomplete job. There is maid insurance, and you can learn more about it here.

The more you clean in an organized fashion, the better you get. Quality and speed will increase with time. Keep a checklist handy. Make sure you are stocked with cleaning supplies, start at the ceiling and work your way down, stay attentive of your work. Check for any repairs needed and determine there is nothing that can impair a visitor's safety. Always remember that a tidy space is a welcoming space!

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