Retiring Baby Boomers Need Easy, Reliable Investment Option
Retiring Baby Boomers Need Easy, Reliable Investment Option
Sundip Patel, CEO and founder of AVANA Companies Staff

When it comes to your financial future, you’re thinking about a balance of avenues to grow and preserve your wealth with lasting investments, ensuring a long line of financial success. You’ve always been told to think about the long haul to build your wealth. Now that retirement is in close range, let’s review the fundamentals of managing your wealth.

Throughout our financial journeys, we as seasoned personal wealth managers have been taught the three Ls of investing: liquidity, longevity and legacy. Ensuring our investments are readily available allows us the opportunity to reinvest capital while maintaining previous investments. Establishing long-lasting pillars of individual wealth allows us the stability to pursue alternative investment opportunities as they arise. Combining our hard-earned assets in harmony with our passions allows us to leave a lasting legacy in our economy.

Maintaining personal wealth is consistently challenged by new strategies that are deep-seated in financial technology (fintech). It complicates long-standing values of discipline, thinking strategically for long-term gains and giving back to our communities strictly through investment and wealth-building activities. Given the unique status of emerging technology investment alternatives, we can continue raising the bar by upholding our tried and true, sustainable strategies. As dedicated investors, we can continue raising the bar for future generations of investors by finding new, reliable ways to preserve wealth.

On top of emerging fintech trends, stock market volatility makes everyone from first-time investors to seasoned wealth managers nervous about the future of their retirement income. The COVID-19 pandemic has created economic unrest and uncertainty for many and for some it feels like there’s less ability to control the growth of their own wealth.

For every investor, strategies are essential to gaining meaningful appreciation in investments, that’s why diversifying your portfolio is imperative. A diverse investment portfolio is a balanced one and a strategic way to manage the risk and reward of your assets. For example, AVANA Companies is a family of Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) lending and investment platforms that provide its investors with a wide range of opportunities in industries like commercial real estate, hospitality, solar and renewables.

Fintech has made it possible for AVANA Companies to offer these similar investment opportunities to individual accredited investors through a new ESG commercial debt platform called EqualSeat™. Essentially, it’s an online investment platform that provides individual investors access to institutional-quality, commercial, private credit investments on a fractional basis. It’s also designed to level the playing field for individual investors with opportunities to co-invest with institutional investors. All investment opportunities on this platform create jobs or promote the growth of clean energy projects, and all of them provide investors reliable, risk-adjusted, fixed income returns.

With the unique approach to investing the EqualSeat™ platform provides, investors can easily diversify their portfolios by duration, loan type and geography while obtaining reliable monthly returns. On average, investors in EqualSeat™ projects yield 4-7% profit each month providing investors with an investment that provides liquidity, longevity and legacy. Investors are truly in charge of their own money. And because AVANA Companies has its own origination funnel of loans – loans which are underwritten and fully funded by AVANA sister companies – there is a vast pipeline of investment opportunities as opposed to relying on other originators. This provides an advantage to investors as compared to other platforms given that AVANA knows the customers or borrowers to whom they are providing loans.

Diversification of your portfolio is essential to generating reliable, risk-adjusted returns while promoting financial health. Through commercial private credit investing, investors can fund large-scale projects that align with their investing tactics. With a wide range of projects to choose from, there is an opportunity to watch your portfolio grow while funding a project in which you personally believe. Traditional investments often have more risk associated with them but through commercial private credit investing, investors can be secure in their investments as they see monthly returns that are tied to a loan made in their community or to a cause in which they believe.

Conscious investing provides a sense of ownership over the projects chosen, while simultaneously financially gaining from a project that means something to you. As financial volatility continues in the stock market, your investment could be funding an equitable, sustainable energy project in your community. Since the baby boomer generation has often looked far ahead of themselves throughout their investment journey, this platform also offers the opportunity for them to emphasize a traditional, fixed income, investing goal as they try to preserve the principal amount for their heirs.

All this means there’s still time to take care of your financial future, so for more guidance about investing and EqualSeat™, visit

About the Author
Sundip Patel is co-founder and chief executive officer of AVANA Companies, the holding company for the ESG fintech platform serving entrepreneurs and investors since 2002. Sundip oversees LendThrive™ and EqualSeat™ platforms for lending and investment respectively focused on supporting sustainable growth in communities. LendThrive™ was created to provide frictionless capital to small businesses in America while EqualSeat™ was created to democratize the returns from the small business loan investments. Sundip earned an MBA from the University of California, Irvine in 1998 and bachelors’ degrees in economics, finance and accounting from California State University at Fullerton in 1990.

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