Rules and Laws For Your Campervan
Rules and Laws For Your Campervan Staff

With travel restrictions emerging during the pandemic, many people turned to campervans and staycations. In fact, in 2020 the total value of motorhome sales reached its highest ever point at £1.15bn. With more and more people jumping on the campervan trend, we wanted to make you aware of the most important rules and laws. 

Watch your speed

Campervan speed limits are different to those of normal cars. On a motorway you can only go up to a maximum of 60mph while on a single carriage way, this falls to 50mph. Plus, while you’re driving on a motorway, you’re not allowed to enter the right-hand lane. If you ignore these rules, you could find yourself with a fine of £100 and penalty points.


Like all vehicles, campervans require insurance. However, car insurance won’t cut it – motorhomes require their own type of insurance. Before you decide on your insurance, consider what you’re going to use the campervan for. From there, you can decide on basic cover, or comprehensive cover (this protects you for third party, fire and theft). You can also decide on add-ons such as travel insurance and breakdown insurance.

Car tax

Motorhomes are subject to different taxes to normal vehicles. A lot of this depends on the type of motorhome you’ve bought. The weight and CO2 emissions of your vehicle will dictate the amount of tax you pay. Tax could also be higher in different areas of the UK due to different emissions zones.

Weight restrictions

There are strict restrictions on the weight your motorhome can carry. If you get stopped and it’s discovered that your motorhome is overweight you could be subject to a £5000 fine. Based on a normal driving license the maximum weight you can drive is 3500kg – by taking your motorhome to a weighbridge you can find out how close you are to the limit.

Where and when you drive

For safety and ease, you should consider where and when you drive too. Busy roads can be particularly dangerous for a motorhome. Plus, you should look to avoid bridges if your motorhome is especially tall. Ultimately though, this just requires careful route planning before a trip.

Getting started with your motorhome or campervan can be an exciting moment. However, the rules can be daunting. But by following the guide above, you have full peace of mind.

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