Set Up a Business? Here’s How to Get it Found Online
Set Up a Business? Here’s How to Get it Found Online Staff

There’s a reason that middle-aged people, and especially those with young families, decide to set up businesses. For one, it gives them the independence to work around their family obligations, like taking children to school or ferrying them to after-school clubs. But it’s also a chance to work on something for which they’re their own boss – an exciting prospect after years working for the man. In this article, we’ll look at how those with start-up businesses can get their new firms found online – generating some of their first business.


How do you find businesses? If you’re like the vast majority of the world’s population, you’ll use a search engine, and if you’re like over 90% of those people, you’ll use Google. So getting listed (or “indexed”) on Google is serious business for those who’ve just set up a company and its website. You can get indexed on Google easily – by simply sending the details of your website to Google’s indexers. If you need a little help with this, website builders like Wix can connect you – or your own web designer can get you hooked up to search engines too.


Getting found on Google is only one step in your journey on search engines, however. The second and most important step is to optimize your position on Google’s search results listings. We all know that the second page of Google’s search results is rarely clicked onto – so finding a way for your business to be ranked on the first page can result in a huge uptick in business. Some of the world’s leading SEO firms, such as Click Intelligence, can help you in this optimization process, leading you to more traffic and more sales.

E-Commerce Sites

As well as hosting your own website where you share your products and services, it’s also a good idea to get set up on certain other third part e-commerce or promotional websites. If you’re in retail, there’s no better place than Amazon, which is where plenty of the world’s consumers search for products. And if you’re in the services space, you’ll find other websites that you can host your website on too. It might feel like extra work, but as you start out it’s important that you’re present on as many different platforms as possible.

Social Media

Any new business will have friends and family behind it. They’ll be some of your first customers, and they’ll provide helpful feedback and reviews to help you appear like an established and trustworthy firm. But if you create social media pages, they can also share your firm with their friends online, which can give you excellent exposure from the get-go. So get yourself set up, especially on Facebook and Instagram, so that all the people you know can share your brand and business far and wide, generating some initial interest in your brand and becoming your first devotees.

Make your fledgling business thrive with the four tips outlined above, all of which should help you generate custom as you set off on your journey towards profitability.

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