Six Link Building Techniques and Strategies
Six Link Building Techniques and Strategies Staff

If you are reading this article, then you may already be aware of what link building is. In layman's terms, it is a way to promote your business over the internet. There are various link-building techniques. This article will be discussing six of them.

Guest Blogging

Link building has many benefits and considering you can outrank your competitors by implementing it, it's a strategy worth trying. The introduction of this article has established that. It is not an easy task, and it is better to ease into it. One of the best link-building techniques for starters is called guest blogging. In simple terms, you write up an article for another website.

You link your website to this article. When the website publishes the article, you have started with link building. Whether in the author's bio or the article body, you can link to your business, products, or services. The thing about guest blogging is that hundreds of thousands of people use it. Let's move to more effective techniques of link building.

Broken Link Building

Now, this is an excellent way of link building. It does involve some research, but the result is worth it. The process of finding a broken link is simple. Find a website that is redirecting to a broken link.

  • Create an article or webpage that resembles the content of that broken link.
  • Ask the author of the website to link it to your site instead of the dead one.

These are just two steps that will help you in getting started with link building. Mostly, website owners will not have any issue linking your website with that hyperlink. But this method involves some trial and error. Patience is also required because you will have to wait for the website owner to implement the changes or even agree to host your link in the first place.

Catching Unlinked Mentions

If you are a popular business, you may have gone through sites that mention your business but don't link to it. Well, you have to contact the author and get them to link to your website. This way, you can get more traffic from that site. Unlinked mentions are used only by popular websites because of them being mentioned on dozens of different websites.

Stealing Links from Web Pages

Before you ask, nothing illegal will happen here. This section of the article will be short because it is quite simple to explain. If you ever see an article that links to a boring link. If you are confident that your article is superior to it, then you can contact the website owner and convince him to link to your website instead of that article.

Content Repurposing

This is another great way of improving your outreach to the people on the internet. For example, if you have created an infographic that is of high quality, you can convert it to a video and post it on sites like YouTube. You can link to your website in the video description. This is called content repurposing and is quite successful.

Creating QR Codes

Let's now look at the traditionally successful method of link building, and that is QR codes. You can create a QR code, link it to your website and share it online and even physically. People tend to scan unknown codes. This way, you may attract potential clients. Now, it must be noted this will not improve SEO rankings by a lot.


It can be concluded that there are various ways of link building. Apart from the above six, there are many different ways you can link build. Some may be successful, and some may not be.

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