The Best Things to do in Portugal
The Best Things to do in Portugal Staff

It’s an exciting time to get back out there in the world and explore again after the pandemic.

Finally, it feels possible to make plans we can rely on again! If you are wondering where some of the best spots in the world are to start your next adventure, look no further than Portugal.

Boasting incredible beaches, people, food and drink and comparatively reasonable cost of living, Portugal represents an intriguing gem to explore, and an excellent European base from which to visit other neighbouring countries. There are numerous ways to fund your adventure (consider the advantages of teaching English in Portugal for starters: a fun and flexible job with jobs for all experience levels), so let’s look at some of the best things to do in Portugal!

1. The classic Algarve experience

Nothing compares to the stunning white sand beaches of Portugal’s south coast, so it’s no wonder that tourists flock in their thousands to this European beauty spot! From main cities like Albufeira and Portimao offering a bustling choice of activities, to places like Tavira and Faro, brimming with historical delights, this southern region of Portugal is guaranteed to have something for everyone. What’s more, this part of the country makes nipping off to explore Morocco and Tunisia a tantalizingly reachable prospect!

2. Experience the delightful Porto region

Perhaps you’ve heard about the country’s chief export: delicious Port wine? If you’re intrigued to try some of this, heading to the northern Porto region with its mountainous terrain, breathtaking national parks and beautiful River Douro could be just the location for you. It’s possible to take a Port tasting tour by day and head for a river cruise in the early evening, soaking up the sun and taking in those views.

3. Surf some of the world’s best waves

Portugal’s magical coastline has some of the world’s best surfing beaches, so if you’re looking to take a surfing taster for the first time or try your hand at some new beaches, Portugal has plenty to offer you. Perhaps you’ve heard of Nazare where some of the world’s biggest and most ferocious waves can be found? If you want a thrill and already know how to surf well, this challenge is waiting for you, with plenty of experts offering their advice, and a team of safety professionals guiding your every step, from hiring gear to bringing in your own and getting familiar with the area. If this sounds like a thrill too far, don’t be put off, there are plenty of smaller, more sheltered beaches with easier waves waiting for you to enjoy too.

4. Explore Lisbon, the country’s capital

This whole region is littered with excellent options to occupy your time, with something for all tastes. Being the capital, the city itself and surrounding areas are jam packed with attractions, including architectural marvels like World Heritage site Belem, and fado houses where Fado, the cultural music genre of Portugal can be heard, with its distinctive melancholic guitar sound and narrative style. On top of this, there are golf courses, water sports and more nestled around every corner. You won’t have a chance to be bored in this region!

5. Adventure into the centre of Portugal

If you feel like exploring off the beaten track, heading to the Alentejo and Centro regions of Portugal are a must. These fascinating areas mark where different climates meet, with olive groves, historic walled towns and fields of wheat stretching as far as the eye can see. Marshlands meet coasts and beautiful gardens tell the visual story of the ways in which Arab culture has combined with European to create the unique experience which is Portugal. How can you resist?

Armed with the knowledge of all these possibilities, all that’s left to do now is book your tickets and let Portugal start your European adventures off in style.

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